Securing the 5G-Ready Telco Cloud

Securing the 5G-Ready Telco Cloud

Wednesday, January 29, 2020, 10 p.m. EST (Thursday, Jan 30th- 8 a.m. India, 11 a.m. Singapore, 1 p.m. Brisbane)


The technological shift to dynamic and scalable architectures brings agility and flexibility to network modernization – reducing the time to bring new services to market while enabling rapid service deployment. In response, service providers are now building a highly-distributed telco cloud environment that spans across multi-vendor, multi-site cloud infrastructures, designed to meet the performance and scalability requirements that advanced 5G-enabled service offerings will require.

These evolving network architectural changes vastly impact security postures that mobile operators are required to adopt in their journey to 5G. As service providers prepare for building out 5G-ready telco clouds, they will need a resilient network with robust security mechanisms to support the diversity and performance requirements of 5G-enabled applications and services.

During this session, we will discuss:

Security implications of cloud adoption in telco environments
How to enforce cloud-agnostic security at scale across cloud architectures
Ways to embed security in every stage of DevOps workflow to secure your container workloads
We will conclude the discussion by providing a five-step approach for building a proactive defense around your 5G-ready telco clouds.

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