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Asia Tech x Singapore
June 7-9, 2023
Singapore EXPO

Welcome to Asia Tech x Singapore

Sponsor Logistics - The Event App

We are delighted to welcome you to Asia Tech x Singapore. This page includes all the information you should need to prepare. If you have any questions, please contact us. Please ensure you read each section carefully and meet the required deadlines. We look forward to working with you and making this a successful event!


Contact Angel!         Contact Clare!         Contact Winnie!         Contact Sharmilah!


We hosted an exhibitor onboarding webinar to help exhibitors get the most out of the Swapcard platform. We strongly advise that you watch to ensure that you can maximise engagement with attendees in the platform.



9 May - Platform live for exhibitors to set up booths/profiles (the rest of the platform to be hidden)

22 May - Platform live for all attendees (to start networking and bookmark conference sessions)

EVENT DAYS – 7 - 9 June

30 days post event – Platform closes



Wednesday 7 June        09:30 - 18:00

Thursday 8 June            09:30 - 18:00

Friday 9 June                 09:30 - 16:30



Please note all timings are subject to change. Please check the agenda for any updates.


Once you log into the swapcard platform you will be able to add the below to your virtual booth:

  • Company logo: 400x200px (2:1 ratio), no larger than 1MB
  • Header Video link (optional): This can be a live or pre-recorded video, hosted on Youtube or Vimeo. This video will play at the top of your booth’s page. Suggested video length should be no more than three minutes.
  • Header Image (if not using video): 1200x675px (16:9 ratio), no larger than 1MB
  • Company Description: There is no official word limit for this but we would suggest up to 100 words.
  • Column banner on virtual booth page: 1080x1920px (9:16 ratio) image, no larger than 1MB 
  • Custom background for virtual booth page: 2560x1600px (16:10 ratio) image, no larger than 1MB


If you have any questions or require assistance please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Pass registration is OPEN!

Registering your staff is a 2 step process:

1. All staff must be registered on VISIT (our registration system) - shortly after your welcome email from us you will receive an email from enabling you to register your staff. 

Please ensure you register your staff no later than 17th May.


2. Once Swapcard goes live on the 9 May, you will be able to log in the platform and add your staff as Team Members to your booth page (please allow for one hour to pass after registering your staff on VISIT, before trying to find them on Swapcard). This will add them to your visible staff list and mean they can view any meeting or chat requests your company receives. This can be done through the “team” section of your exhibitor center. 



The Asia Tech x Singapore event app is powered by Swapcard - an industry-leading virtual event engagement platform, powered by artificial intelligence.

The platform will be available to exhibitors on 9 May to ensure you have enough time to complete your profiles and familiarise yourself with the system. Our team will be on hand through the whole process to ensure you get the best experience possible.


Please follow instructions on the link HERE on how to sign up or log in to your profile. 

*Please note the platform will not be live until 9 May


Before the event and during, sponsors and exhibitors will have access to the Exhibitor Center within the platform.

Here, you can upload content to your stand, edit company details and much more!

For detailed information on the Exhibitor Center and how to use it, please see the link below.


Please see the below link for guidance on how to fully utilise the platform. Through this guide you will be able to understand the below and more:

  • Navigating within the platform
  • Searching for attendees and matchmaking
  • How to send meeting requests and organise video meetings


You can access the event via two methods, this being either through a browser on your computer or the app on your mobile. 

Please see the link below for more information on choosing the most suitable option for you.



1. Edit your profile and your company profile

2. Connect with qualified attendees

3. Send your first few meeting requests

4. Answer your first few meeting requests


1. Network and make connections

2. Note & tag your new contacts

3. Chat with them in the app

4. Monitor your profile notifications


1. Ensure a follow up with your new contacts

2. Export your contact list

3. Qualify your leads for better ROI


We have put together some resources to assist you with the digital and online promotion of your participation in this years' event.

To access the online folders with the marketing resources, please click the respective links below:

If you have any questions, or changes that need to be made, please contact Peter Wong, or Leonard Lee.


As part of the publicity efforts for Asia Tech x Singapore, our communications team is rolling out a comprehensive PR campaign to garner maximum coverage for the event. To help us better understand your showcase, assess it for newsworthiness, and best present it to the media, please fill out the form linked below:

Setting up your booth

Watch our video walk-through on how to set up your exhibition booth on our virtual event platform.


  • Connect with other attendees by topic, meeting availability, participant type (exhibitor, speaker, etc), and more
  • Schedule and join meetings directly in the platform
  • The more you engage with the platform, the smarter your AI-powered matchmaking recommendations become!
  • Each event features its own filters to help you find the attendees you need to network with
  • Networking is a breeze with our platforms intuitive, easy-to-use video meetings. The platform lets you add these meetings to your external calendar and network while still engaging with conference content


  • Get the most from conference sessions as you engage in live chats, polls, and Q&A with the speakers.
  • Join roundtables and working groups focused on specific topics to exchange ideas and use cases.
  • Save the sessions you want to attend on your personal agenda and find related sessions. 
  • With on-demand session recordings, you control your schedule. Re-watch your favorite speakers and don't worry about missing overlapping content!



  • When will I get access to the virtual event platform?

You will be provided with access to the platform as detailed in the "Key Dates" section above to start building your booths. Please note, at this time the entire platform may not yet be accessible, and features may be set live over the course of the week. 

  • What are the conference & exhibition hours?

The Swapcard platform is accessible 24 hours a day following its launch. The conference agendas are accessible via the "Agenda" buttons on each event and each event's website (these will be live by the attendee access date). The official exhibition hours for each event are the same as the hours during which the conference is taking place.

  • How long will the event platform stay live following the event?

The event app will be accessible for 30 days after the event.

  • Where can I get help if experiencing issues with logging in?

You will receive instructions and a link to log in via email. If you do not receive this email or experience any other issues, please contact Swapcard

  • Will there be "onsite" support in case attendees are having a hard time with finding their way, setting up meetings, etc.?

Both Informa and Swapcard staff will be on hand to help during the event. There is a "help desk" option featured prominently on the event app homepage.

  • I've logged in to set up my booth, why can't I see all of the event features? 

Initially you will only be given access to the app in order to set up your booth. The other event features will go live on the full platform launch on the attendee access date.


  • Do I need to design my own booth?

We've already set up the framework for your booth - it's now down to you to add the features below. Make sure you watch our video walk-through for setting up your booth above. 

  • What can I do with my exhibition booth?

Your virtual exhibition booth features:

  • A video or image header which you can upload. Any videos must be hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or a website from which you can get an iFrame code to input. Header images should be 1200x675px and no larger than 1MB 
  • "Book a meeting" feature - where users can book meetings with you and your team
  • Chat feature - where users can send messages to the staff on your booth
  • Products - where you can list more information about the products/services you want to advertise at your event
  • Documents - where you can host white papers, reports and other digital content for users to download
  • Your team members
  • An overview of any sessions you're running during the conference

Make sure you've watched the video guide to building your exhibition booth featured above.

  • How do I add or change videos, images, products and documents to my booth?

1. Log into the back end of the platform with the link you're provided with and head to the Exhibitor Centre

2. Click "company profile" via the menu on the left. Here there are options to update your documents and products

3. In the overview, click the top "EDIT" option, towards the top-right of your screen. Here you can add/change images and videos (videos must already be hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or a website from which you can get an iFrame code to input)

For more details, watch the video demonstration above.

  • What do I do if no one is available to man my booth during some exhibition hours?

There is a text box on your booth titled "Exhibitor Information." Here you can enter your contactable hours and provide contact information users can reach you on when your booth is unmanned. 

  • How do I add team members to my booth?


  • How do staff man the booth on event days?

When in the back end of the booth, you and your colleagues will be able to see and respond to messages and meeting requests. 

  • How do meeting times show on the booth?

Your booth prominently features a "Book a meeting" feature which shows the times your team is available to meet.

  • Can you explain the group chats?

The chat on your booth page is meant to be an intro that is followed by a connection or meeting request. At this time, you cannot download the chats, but you can copy and paste them.


  • Is there a limit on how many meetings we can set up?

No. We encourage you to be proactive with your outreach for meetings and networking, to make the most of your event experience. There may be some limits on the number of concurrent meetings you can hold. If you're unsure of this, please contact your account representative.

  • How many participants can I have in a meeting?

Our event platform is intuitive and easy-to-use to quickly set up reliable 1-on-1 meetings. For any meetings requiring over 2 participants, you can now invite other participants to your meeting room, once the meeting has begun.

  • Does each of my team need to log into their own profile and set up their meeting times?

You can set up meetings from your own personal user accounts or assign meetings to other members of your team. 

  • How do I assign meetings to my team members?

Go into the meeting section of your booth, then change the team member allocated to the meeting.

  • What if we assign a meeting with an attendee and the team member is no longer available?

You can reassign the meeting within your Exhibitor Center.

  • Is there a link that we can share for attendees to request meetings?

You can share the link to your booth page or a redirect URL. We recommend that once someone is in the platform, you send them a meeting or connection request so they are a contact.

  • Do attendees have to become a connection of ours before they can send a meeting request?

No, attendees can send a meeting requests at any time.


  • What is the difference between the resource library & booth documents?

Each event has a resource library featuring content produced by the event makers and is accessible via a button on the homepage. Meanwhile, each exhibitor can also host documents on their booths.  

  • How many documents can I have under the documents tab?

This differs exhibitor to exhibitor. Please check with your account representative. 


  • How can I register / register colleagues / can we register without completing the form?

The team will provide you with your personalised registration link from our registration platform Visit by GES. Please note all registrations need to be made through this link on Visit in order for the information to pull through to the event platform (Swapcard). Once registered on Visit you will automatically be sent an email to access the event platform. If you do not receive this email please contact Swapcard

The Attendee Experience

More details on how to use our virtual event platform as an attendee.



Informa Tech is dedicated to providing an inclusive and safe event experience for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, nationality or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of participants in any form. We are a diverse community of professionals, and we conduct ourselves professionally. Please be considerate and careful with your words and actions. Exhibitors in the expo hall, evening party hosts and organizers of concurrent activities should be aware they are subject to the code of conduct. Exhibitors and party hosts may not promote sexualized or offensive imagery or activities. Exhibition and party staff should not use sexualized clothing/uniforms/costumes, or otherwise create a sexualized environment. Participants asked to stop any behavior are expected to comply immediately. If a participant or sponsor engages in behavior that violates this code of conduct, Informa Tech staff may take action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender or expulsion from the event with no refund.


Informa Tech is committed to a role of environmental and sustainable leadership in every aspect of our business and recognises the responsibilities we have to our employees, our customers, our suppliers, the communities we work within and the environment as a whole.  
Our contribution to a sustainable and environmentally harmonious society is based upon best practice and covers:
Environment: We use recycled materials for office and event documentation and reduce the use of plastics in all our event collateral
Community: To encourage sustainable development in the wider business we endeavour to utilise environmentally accredited venues and support regional agricultural practice by insisting on using locally grown produce for catering at all our large events.
Relationships: Informa Tech has developed an alliance with the Carbon Neutral Company and as a further example of our customer centricity, we strive to locate our events central to where we feel the majority of attendees originate.


By registering for this event you acknowledge recordings, video, and photographs are being taken during the event. By you entering this virtual event, you give unqualified consent to: Informa Tech, its agents, licensees to record, use and publicise your voice, actions, likeness, and appearance, in any manner and media, worldwide in perpetuity. If you wish to avoid being recorded, please do not enter this event.


Informa Tech and Asia Tech x Singapore do not sell, nor distribute, attendee contact information in accordance with established privacy policies. Any company claiming to have such information to sell is not affiliated with Asia Tech x Singapore, or its parent company Informa, and do not have access to our confidential records.