PepperStack Global offers globally scalable NeatStreets service

April 11, 2018 | Singapore | Industry Insights

The “Social Machine” is ideal for large scale organisations with distributed public infrastructure assets that need continuous monitoring and maintenance.

What’s PepperStack Global all about?

PepperStack Global runs the NeatStreets service, which empowers citizens to effortlessly report public faults nationally in under a minute. NeatStreets routes reports to the correct authorities and keeps reporters informed of progress in real-time using a suite of apps.

NeatStreets is now a global platform that organisations can use anywhere in the world to facilitate a measurable reduction in risk and increased safety. It is designed to engage work-forces and customers to detect and manage problems with large-scale infrastructure using app-based asset identification such as interactive GIS layers.

We’re glad to have you on board. Why did PepperStack Global decide to participate in NXTAsia?

The event enables emerging start-ups to showcase innovations in tech products and services such as PepperStack Global’s social technology platform, which provides enterprise level services with precision and at a lower cost, to a broad Asian audience of potential buyers and partners.

5th Industrial Revolution: – “The Social Machine”

Do share more about NeatStreets and its key features.

The NeatStreets Platform is the world’s first globally scalable social machine that has the facility to successfully compensate the public for their effort in reporting customer safety matters and positively shape public perception of public services.

It is ideal for large scale organisations with distributed public infrastructure assets that need continuous monitoring and maintenance. NeatStreets engages work-forces and consumers to report problems in real time.

Relevant organisations that will benefit from NeatStreets include Utility Service Companies (e.g. Telecommunications, Water, Gas, Electrical), Local Government and Local Community/Special Event Management Organisations, Mining Companies, Security Firms, Building Maintenance Firms, Road Transport, Tollway Operators and Online Community marketplaces (e.g. Travel, Everyday maintenance tasks).

The new NeatStreets feature suite includes:

  • Showcase of the new ‘Reports Around Me’ feature-set
  • A new web plugin that facilitates utility bill micro-compensation
  • Platform white-labelling
  • Shapes public perception of public infrastructure services:
    • By enhancing the level of perceived transparency between public service provider and customer
    • Automated, integrated social media messaging to positively promote public infrastructure repairs.

As an industry player, what does your company think of the future of Logistics/Transport?

Infrastructure, logistic and transport is the midst of a technological overhaul – digital, autonomous vehicles, customer-centric communications and intelligent transport systems are all in early stages creating opportunity, confusion and disruption.

As for the NeatStreets Platform, it offers digital, mobile-enabled, and white-labelled services which asset owner/maintainer organisations can use to detect and manage problems with large scale distributed physical infrastructure by using their work-forces, (expert-sourced), and customers, (crowd-sourced), as a human sensor network (“The Social Machine”).

Keen to find out more about NeatStreets? Visit PepperStack Global at NXTAsia (Marina Bay Sands Singapore) from 26-28 June 2018! View the full list of exhibitors here.

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