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June 8-10, 2022
Singapore EXPO



If you attach this 3D camera to your optical microscope, it will be upgraded to a digital 3D microscope. The world's first 3D camera for microscopes, a 3D camera that upgrades a general microscope to a digital 3D microscope. This is a simple way to mount this product on a standard microscope camera mount, and can be applied to most low magnification microscopes. Use of Yeon Systems' proprietary patented technology. By connecting a digital 3D camera to an optical microscope, data is stored and stored data is continuously played back on a PC as well as a smartphone while observing in real time. 3D image observation/recording/transmission function added to the existing microscope. Insects, plants, microorganisms, minerals, etc. are observed in real time in 3D and this data is saved as a 3D image. Scientific education, forensic medicine, 3D image recording, sharing, real-time exhibition, 3D webcam, etc. in the medical field using a stereo microscope.

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