26 - 28 June 2019
Marina Bay Sands
& Suntec Singapore

Content Stage

Content Stage

18th, 19th and 20th June 2019    |    11am to 3pm
Content Stage, Level 6, Suntec Singapore


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18th June 2019


E-sports video is a perfect example of how the television landscape has transformed and become increasingly competitive. Compared with where it stood few years ago, Esports has emerged as a more cohesive and mainstream genre of entertainment and is slowly becoming a household name.

Timing Session
10.30am Delegate Registration

11am Chairman’s Opening Address
Kye Browning, XLIVE

11.30am Opening Keynote Address: State of Esports in Asia

• 2018 & 2019: Lessons learnt and latest market trends in Asia
• Monetisation model that works best in Asia’s context: Sponsorship vs media rights
• Growth business strategies in building a sustainable Esports economy

Nicholas Aaron Khoo, Co-Founder and Chairman, SCOGA (Singapore Cybersports and Online Gaming Association)

12pm Getting into Esports?

• Highlighting the business rationale and commercial strategy for entering the
• Esports market
• Balancing short and long-term objectives when investing into Esports

Frank Sliwka, COO, Epulze

12.30pm Running Your First Esports Tournament – from $0 to $20million
At Grow uP we’ve been handling small community events since the early days of esports (2005-2012), and we finally made our first debut with a 1000-person LAN Party called “Meet uP” in 2014, having had the pleasure to be one of the first in the industry to ever work with Gillette. We organized many other community-oriented events in Portugal and Macau between 2015 and 2017, having worked with the government in both countries, and participating actively in the International Esports Federation activities. We then moved on into running entertainment shows from 2017 onward, and this year we have 5 events planned around the world – 4 continents + the Middle East.

Fernando Pereira, President, Grow uP eSports

1pm Game On: How 5G will Revolutionise E-Sports
4G’s latency and connection issues restricted uptake of mobile, on-the-go gaming for high fidelity AAA games. However, 5G will eliminate the current pain points of cloud gaming, creating an opportunity to reimagine the end-to-end service journey for players and viewers. The session explores how 5G will affect Esports enabling new interaction models, consumption formats, and content types. It will look at the opportunities for broadcasters, content producers, and service providers to get involved in the rapidly growing industry.
Fabian Birgfeld, Co-Founder & CEO, W12 Studios

1.30pm Esports technical challenges: Asset management, post production, and storage
Senior Representative, Ross Video 

What Roles can Telcos play in scaling up Esports within the broader Gaming Ecosystem?
The talk highlights the business and commercial strategy for entering the Esports market and gives an outlook about how to balancing short and long-term objectives when investing into Esports. The program of the workshop contains:
1. What is Esports
2. Demographic of Esports
3. The opportunities for Telcos including cases studies
4. Example of Esports partnerships
Workshop Leader: Frank Sliwka, COO, Epulze
(RSVP is needed for this workshop. Contact Darryl Koh at darryl.koh@ubm.com)

4pm Demo Tour hosted by Ross Video 

4.30pm End of Esports @ Content Stage






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