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June 8-10, 2022
Singapore EXPO

Joined-up thinking behind a common purpose is essential to navigate toward the post-pandemic world

Omdia view

The Covid-19 pandemic has served as a wake-up call for most enterprises and laid bare the critically urgent need for operational resilience and flexibility to keep businesses alive and to cope with employee and customer anxieties.

Apart from front-line health workers, delivery drivers, and the millions of behind-the-scenes logistics people, we should raise our hats to our IT departments. Faced with a scramble to enable remote working for most of us, IT departments, despite many with tired old legacy systems, somehow managed to roll out remote support at remarkable speed. It goes to show what can be accomplished in back-to-the-wall crisis environments.

The pandemic has put digital in the spotlight. Glacial-paced transformation initiatives have received a necessary adrenalin boost. Classic ponderous waterfall approaches humming in the enterprise basement, and barely noticed by the C- Suite, have suddenly been elbowed aside and replaced by agile, collaborative teams of business and IT domain experts reconfiguring their organizations for the emerging normal. Initially to survive, this is now with a longer-term view to replenish lost revenue and pivot to new growth opportunities.

Omdia sees the emergence of long-overdue joined-up thinking, supported by agile, collaborative practices with a heavy emphasis on business outcomes, in the pursuit of the new capabilities required to not only survive but to thrive. This is driving a shift away from tinkering at the departmental margins to the more systematic digitization of complete processes that provide the digital backbone in support of operational excellence and a foundation for a superior customer experience.

The vulnerability of supply has also caused a complete rethink of supplier networks and ecosystems of value creation and delivery. Urgency and the need for greater resilience have supplanted complacency. The vulnerability exposed by the pandemic is driving innovation as companies re-evaluate their existing business models and seek new ways to reach customers.

Resilience depends on capturing and converting insight into timely adaptation to establish increased relevance to customers. While AI and automation will play a massive part in the persistent relevance equation, at a more fundamental level, it depends on people. Engaged employees, behind a common purpose that they believe in, gives them a deep sense of worth and value and adds considerable resilience to an enterprise. A purposeful and inclusive, human-centered orientation around customer outcomes will provide the digital keys to unlock persistent relevance and future growth. It depends on a give-to-get, not a self-serving, philosophy with digitally enabled humans, not command-and-control robots.

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