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June 8-10, 2022
Singapore EXPO

Henri Setiawan
Tribe Leader of SMB Digitalization at Telin, Telkom Indonesia


Henri Setiawan Wyatno is working with Media and Digital Department starting March 2019, a new unit in PT Telekomunikasi INDONESIA, he is in leading a Digital Group that responsible on developing digital product and services for Telkom Group. as Tribe Leader for SMB Digitalization. SMB (Small Medium Business) is having 5 Segments, Hospitality, Logistic, Manufacture, Commerce and Community. As Tribe Leader, he is in charge as Orchestration and Acceleration for all initiative digital product in Telkom Group.

Previously he was at  Digital Service Division – PT Telekomunikasi INDONESIA as Head of Digital Pillar IOT and AI Tribe. He is responsible to develop new initiative of digital product, new revenue stream thru digitalization and digitization in Telkom Group. Beside IOT and AI that become his responsibility, his deep dive research on Media Service including market trend, monetizing model, delivery technology, platform and CPE also content acquisition, will be correlated on his new role for Smart Home solution with Intelligence Solution that give new value proposition in Telkom Group.

Previously he was a Project Controller Digital Service PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia. He was responsible as an Expert Digital Service that responsible as project controller for digital service initiative that related to digital service innovation, business model innovation and new product development in Telkom Group.

Previously he was in TELIN (2012 – 2017), a length arm of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia that responsible for International business expansion. He is responsible as VP Innovation and Business Development for TELIN Group. He is in charge for developing new business for TELIN including managing business model innovation for existing product portfolio. His new products are Indonesia CDN Solution, Media Content Hub (White label content aggregator platform), IPX services, MVNE Platform, SMS Hubber (A2P Services) etc. Under his department is handling digital service solution, cloud services, solution management, business development and business evaluation and ecosystem development. Formerly he was a Business Development manager that responsible for develop masterplan for TELIN Group

Before he join TELIN, he was a researcher in R&D PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (TELKOM) that has responsible for new business research related to telecommunication services that are portfolio of Telkom called TIMES (Telecommunication, Information, Media, Edutainment and Services). He was very active in developing new business for TELKOM related to voice service, data service and video service including some researches on OTT business development. Responsible to develop technical specification for new technology that will used in TELKOM, his former responsibility for 10 years as Senior Engineer Wireline Access Network has result some documents guideline technical specification that he has written.  After that for 4 years, he was appointed as Researcher for Business that responsible to evaluate and give recommendation for TELKOM product portfolio that come up with several recommendation from his assessment especially in term of business model TIMES either for existing product or new product developments.

He can be contacted through:

Office : Menara Multimedia 14 Floors, Jl. Kebon Sirih No. 12, Gambir, Kota Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta  10110.

Email :

LinkedIn :

Mobile phone : +62 8112274799