26 - 28 June 2019
Marina Bay Sands
& Suntec Singapore

IABM “Future Trends Theatre”

IABM “Future Trends Theatre”

Select Day:  18 June    |    19 June

Date and Time: 18th & 19th June 2019 | 2PM – 6PM
Location: TVeXchange, Level 6, Suntec Convention Centre
Event Partner: IABM

19th June 2019 Schedule

Programme & Speakers
2.00pm Enhancing Media Workflows with Amazon Machine Learning
Shweta Jain, APAC Head of Business Development, Amazon Web Services
In this session you will learn about enhancing media workflows built around ingest, media asset management, live and on-demand video streaming and also the customer engagement with Machine Learning. The session will cover a broad set of use cases ranging from metadata enrichment and content moderation to personalisation and how to address them using AWS’s powerful portfolio of Machine Learning services.
2.20pm How can OTT grow up and stand alone as a medium?
Steve Miller-Jones, Vice President of Product Strategy, Limelight Networks
OTT is taking off, but still remains in the shadow of its big brother, traditional broadcast. Will OTT replace broadcast TV – or is it in fact presenting a more feature rich alternative for the consumer? Using data services to create truly personal, targeted content discovery offers a different service to broadcast with AR and integrated data feeds that users can interact with and that can be individualized beyond the capability of broadcast. This session covers how user data can be both protected and used to offer us personalized and individual content with the consumer in control.
2.40pm Why monitoring live OTT services is critical for business growth
Kanishka Tongya, Director of Sales, APAC & MENA, Interra Systems
Live sports streaming has opened up a strong new revenue stream for broadcasters, content owners and service providers; however, the quality of live OTT offerings must be flawless. This presentation explains why monitoring solutions are a fundamental requirement today for both VOD and live OTT applications. Attendees will learn the challenges of live streaming and how monitoring can help by providing a centralized service assurance view, validation of where the issue is located, and increased flexibility via a software-based and cloud-deployable approach.
3.00pm How AXF (Archive Exchange Format) can be used to aggregate multiple sets of time-based AI generated metadata in a single cloud-friendly container
Mike Palmer, CTO, Masstech
Multiple sets of AI generated, time-based metadata can be stored along with source media in a single container to create a rich data lake which can be exposed to other applications and services for further analysis and enrichment.
3.20pm Can automation really bring ROI for your media supply chain?
Phil Eade, Senior Director, Business Development, Ooyala
With content growth in the media and entertainment industry exploding, an efficient media supply chain is required. Phil has researched ROI within media organizations and presents his findings with case studies of what ROI to expect.
3.40pm IPTV DASH – the path for Pay-TV operators to deploy a future-proof video delivery solution
Herve Creff, Business Development Director, Broadpeak
This presentation explains why OTT video delivery has not entirely replaced IPTV, discussing the latency and scalability issues. In an ideal situation, the benefits of OTT and TS video delivery should be brought together. Attendees will learn what technologies and solutions are available to merge the worlds of traditional TV and connected devices in order to capitalize on their respective benefits while removing their drawbacks.
4.00pm Operating Virtual Media Functions in Broadcast Systems
Steven Soenens, Vice President, Product Marketing, Skyline Communications
This session addresses the benefits and challenges that come with developing and operating Virtualized Media Functions (VMF) deployed on virtual machines and/or container environments such as Kubernetes. Learning from real experiences, the concepts of full-stack monitoring and orchestration will be explained and illustrated.
4.20pm AI-Driven video compression opens up new revenue opportunities and cost savings for service providers
Stephane Cloirec, Senior Director, Video Appliances & Software Product Management, Harmonic Inc
Video compression has evolved immensely over the last 20 years. Technology advances such as dual-pass, statistical multiplexing, and software migration, have increased the performance of compression, enabling better video quality and bandwidth efficiency to be achieved.
4.40pm Live 360° video delivery
Olie Baumann, Senior Technical Specialist, MediaKind
Delivery of high-quality 360º video to second screens presents several challenges. This session discusses the various methods of 360º video delivery, including the use of ‘viewport-adaptive’ streaming technology, how these methods scale with the number of users and the capability of second screen devices.
5.00pm Next generation digital video transmission via Open IP
Karl So, Vice President, Product Marketing, Caton Technology
Video Transmission requires technology, not a lot of money and effort. This presentation explains how deep learning can predict packet loss during transmission. The transmission end can automatically detect and pre-reissue the “going to be lost” packet before the receiving end asks for it; this will greatly improve transmission reliability.
5.20pm Getting up close and personal with your audience
Ian Sharpe, CEO, Promethean.tv
Broadcast Asia has always been about getting “up close and personal” – meeting old colleagues, getting quality face time with new prospective partners, signing up new customers. Increasingly, the broadcast world is all about the same thing. The audience wants to get up close and personal with our content through personalised transmissions and tailored advertising without disruption of viewing. This session will show you how to change within this exciting new world of cord cutters, binge watchers, content connoisseurs, and esports streamers.
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