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3 key ideas that will shape the Broadcast Industry in 2018

1 Feb 2018 | Ross Video

Standfirst: This year, Smart Production solutions leader Ross Video wants industry players to think broadcast evolution, not revolution.

Ross believes that three key topics will shape broadcast in 2018: audience engagement, broadcast/IP convergence, and smart production.

From an external market perspective, it’s all about captivating and engaging the audience. Thus, we expect a lot of momentum to build around technologies that help broadcasters create unique content easily, effectively, and affordably this year.

This will include premium 3D motion graphics and robotic cameras, virtual sets and augmented reality, and media asset management. Further, we anticipate that AR/VR will increasingly be showcased to leverage the full power of live content without a step function in added cost and effort.

The second major theme for 2018 will be the continued convergence of broadcast and internet technologies and businesses. However, unlike previous years, this will be less of an “either or” conversation and more of a “how do you realize the best of both worlds” discussion.

More specifically, we expect lots of industry discussion on harnessing the advantages of IP, including increased broadcast network utilization, flexibility, centralization, and resilience. Conversations about leveraging on existing infrastructure investment and workflows will also thrive.

Like many of our peers, Ross is an active participant in the standards bodies that are laying the foundation for IP adoption. Think SMPTE, AIMS, AMWA, and VSF. We expect many forward-facing product announcements in 2018 that embrace these standards – especially SMPTE ST 2110. And as we move into 2018 and beyond, a new breed of “multi/omnicaster” is emerging, and will be able to deliver cable, satellite, IPTV, and OTT programming over an increasingly virtualized infrastructure.

The third major trend for 2018, which is also the unifying theme between audience engagement and broadcast/IP convergence, is smart production. Any live or pre-recorded program – news, talk, sports, entertainment, or other – needs high quality broadcast resources to produce content and engage audiences.

Regardless of the underlying technology fabric, smart production is the ability to deliver more unique and high quality content – especially live – with a smaller budget. This in turn drives the need for better data analytics, workflows, use of AR/VR, MAM, and virtualization for broadcasters of all shapes and sizes.

For mid-size and non-traditional broadcasters like Houses of Worship, Corporate, and Government, smart production accords anyone the ability to deliver expert broadcasts.

Yet again, BroadcastAsia 2018 promises to bring together the best of broadcast – producers, technologies, and vendors. This year’s overarching objective will be to strike the right balance with smart production solutions that exceed audience expectations, take advantage of next generation solutions, and leverage existing infrastructure and workflows. We hope to continue the conversation at BCA, Ross Booth 4K2-01.

BroadcastAsia 2018 will be held at Suntec Singapore from 26-28 June 2018. Find out more about the trade event and its participating exhibitors here.

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