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A Region’s First – Digitally Twinned Smart Cities in ASEAN

5 Mar 2019 | Tay Kok-Chin, Chairman, Smart Cities Network

The growing global trend for smart cities today is to create the digital twin of the city, to capture data and analyse them for relevant government agencies to become “smarter” with these insights. But, how about digitally connecting more cities, i.e. “Digitally-Twinned Smart Cities”? This concept will be tested as a pilot project between Singapore, Jakarta and Cauayan City (in the Philippines).

ASEAN is poised to have faster growth than most regions in the world. The ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint 2025 and the ASEAN Smart Cities Network should provide the necessary framework and network to facilitate the deep and cohesive economic integration of the ASEAN Member States.

The concept of “Digitally Twinned Smart Cities” aims to provide a regionally integrated digital ecosystem to address existing and emerging challenges of food and energy security issues, natural disasters, economic development, business and technology disruptions, as well as other global issues affecting the region. This concept extends the growing trend of smart cities developing “digital twin” of the city, allowing stakeholders to access the digital replica of the city – its assets, people, places, systems and devices. Cities hope to get insights and a better understanding of the current state, analyse the data captured, and subsequently develop solutions to address city problems, improving the quality of life of the city dwellers, develop a competitive economy with a sustainable environment.

The Digitally Twinned Smart Cities concept will facilitate and strengthen collaboration among cities – by enabling projects to be co-conceptualised, co-developed and jointly owned by ecosystem partners from participating cities. This pioneering concept will be shared for the first time at the ‘Opportunities’ in ASEAN Smart Cities Project (Geospatial) event on 26 March 2019 that Smart Cities Network is co-organising with the Singapore Business Federation and GeoWorks.

Kok-Chin will be moderating the Future Cities Panel – Building the Foundations of Smart Cities and Beyond, on Day 1 of ConnecTechAsia Summit, 18 June 2019. In this session, leaders and subject experts will discuss pertinent challenges facing the amalgamation of smart cities, as well as infrastructure and regulatory issues in driving digitalisation, citizen inclusiveness and sustainability of future cities. Register here to attend!

Additionally, the Smart Cities Network will host a half-day workshop at ConnecTechAsia on Day 2, 19 June 2019. Representatives of Smart Cities in ASEAN will be invited to share on potential projects with interested business investors and partners. More details to follow soon.

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