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Connect With: Alyona Tkachenko, CEO, Co-Founder, Nommi

18 Apr 2018 | ConnecTechAsia

Our Summit Speaker’s goal is to keep every traveller seamlessly connected with Nommi’s intelligent router.

What motivates you to get up in the morning, Alyona?

A thought that the coming day will always bring some new and good learnings, people, and will get me a step closer to what we want to accomplish with Nommi.

Speaking of Nommi, you spent about seven years working in business and marketing consulting, either for or within large international corporations. How did that lead to starting your own business?

I got a sense of scale from my time with big international corporations, and that working across countries and cultures inspires me – this is exactly what we do at Nommi. I also learned a lot in terms of management approaches.

With so much on your plate, we can only imagine how busy you are. Can you take us through a typical day of yours?

Normally I try to work on hard, thinking-intensive things early in the morning and late in the evening. Otherwise, I focus on discussing our progress with my team and networking in the day.

In your opinion, how can we drive innovation in the industry?

Telco experts should network with thought leaders from other areas/industries to facilitate the exchanging of ideas. Fresh opinions may create something new altogether.

What are your thoughts on Nommi’s potential in Southeast Asian markets?

Our most engaged customers come from this region. So, in some way, we just follow the crowd. We know that people here love to travel and do it often. We also see a huge demand for gadgets that look great and simplify daily life. Hence, we believe that this is an exceptionally good region to start with – first, in Singapore and later – Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries.

You will be speaking at ConnecTechAsia Summit 2018. What do you think will be the most important takeaway for your audience?

We’ll share our approach to solving one of the most annoying problems a traveler may experience – staying connected abroad in a convenient way. I believe this will be useful both for telcos, as well as for any parties involved in the travel industry (hotels, travel agencies, tour providers, etc).

You have partnership with Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Education. Can you tell us more about it?

This is something that I do as a volunteer. I’m leading the Hour of Code event (it’s focused on introducing kids to coding) in Kazakhstan. We cover every 4th school in the country with this activity and managed to bring the Ministry of Education in as our official partner.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received as a techno-preneur?

That there’s no such thing as “perfect circumstances”.

Keen to hear more from Alyona Tkachenko? Join her at ConnecTechAsia Summit 2018’s NetworkComms Track, where she will be a Panellist for the following Discussion: “Disruptors Dialogue: Breaking Free from the Connectivity-Driven Competition”. Level B2, Marina Bay Sands, 26 June 2018. Delegates may register for the Summit here.

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