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Connect With: Ivan Landen, Founder and CEO, Blue Wireless

18 Apr 2018 | ConnecTechAsia

Discover the enormous possibilities that 4G/LTE can offer for network connectivity in your business with our Summit Speaker, Ivan Landen.

What gets you up and going every day, Ivan?

Haha! Well, two things – getting our customers connected and keep our company on track to meet the ever growing demand. In the enterprise business, it’s one customer at a time, and we need to do each of our jobs right.

Although we’ve come a long way, we believe it’s important to continue to improve on our services and support for our customers. This requires continuous investment in more people, automation and new tools. For example, we recently started to use live video to support our field engineers, making sure our network operations team can see exactly what’s happening at a customer location when they require support.

You founded Asia’s first wireless network service provider for businesses in 2015, with a goal of solving branch connectivity challenges for enterprises by making 4G/LTE wireless access simple and reliable across the AsiaPac region. When did you realise that there was a gap in the market, and what made you decide to offer Wireless Connectivity as a Service?

Network access is still the Achilles’ heel of any business, and the amount of time and money spent on it is enormous. Today’s companies no longer simply comprise a HQ and a couple of offices. They now have remote sites, kiosks, moving vehicles, vessels, instant store openings etc – everything requires connectivity.

So while 4G/LTE is great and available everywhere, I’ve witnessed companies struggling to make it work. They require all sorts of things – IT staff, different telco contracts, equipment management, ongoing management, etc. Hence, I started Blue Wireless to simplify the process. We offer 4G/LTE Access as a service – installed instantly, guaranteed connection, fixed monthly fee – without the headaches. And the response from business customers has been overwhelming.

With 5G on the horizon, what are your thoughts on the future of connectivity?

There is no doubt that the present and future of connectivity is wireless. Most of our personal communications have already gone down that route – from your phone to your Wi-Fi browsing – but the next wave is corporate and business communication, including WAN access and IOT. 5G is an enabler for this. But frankly, most of today’s business applications work perfectly fine on 4G/LTE. I foresee that it’s more of an evolution than revolution, and once new applications and innovations are made available, 5G will be supporting them.

In your opinion, what do you think is key to driving innovation in the industry?

Innovation happens when both sides align – what’s (technically) possible and what’s needed or wanted. Today, there are still many technical capabilities that are searching for a good need/want (connected fridge, anyone?). But for corporate businesses, the need for reliable, flexible and affordable WAN network access has been there and growing for the last 20 years. Now that 4G/LTE has arrived and grown up, it’s ready to make life in business much easier. And we’re helping businesses to take advantage of that.

You will be speaking at ConnecTechAsia Summit 2018. What do you think will be the most important takeaway for your audience?

They will discover the enormous possibilities that 4G/LTE can offer for network connectivity in their business. While Fibre Access may look better in terms of technicalities, the flexibility of 4G/LTE translates to enormous cost savings and revenue upside for business – no delayed store openings, no operational downtime, and instant access no matter where the business goes. That’s the part which will appeal to business leaders.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received whilst building Blue Wireless?

“Reputation is critical – guard it with your life”.

It’s essential that you fulfil your promises and meet and exceed customer requirements no matter what – especially if yours is a new business amongst giants. We know that legacy providers are slow and often let customers down in this regard. For us, going the extra mile is standard. As a result, almost half of our new business is from referrals, where businesses recommend us to their colleagues.

Any exciting plans in the pipeline for Blue Wireless?

Absolutely! We’re just getting started. Singapore is a great base, and we’ve been able to expand our services across 16 countries in Asia Pacific from here. Europe and Middle East are next, and we’re making preparations for 2019 to expand our footprint. It’s the Asian century!

Keen to hear more from Ivan Landen? Join him at ConnecTechAsia Summit 2018’s NetworkComms Track, where he will be discussing the following: “LTE WAN Services for Enterprises: Extending the WAN beyond the Traditional Office”. Level B2, Marina Bay Sands, 27 June 2018. Delegates may register for the Summit here.





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