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Connect With: Meenakshi Vashist, Technology Uncorked

6 Jun 2018 | ConnecTechAsia

What motivates you to get up in the morning?

Every day is a new day at TekUncorked. We are either working on a new IoT innovation or solving a tough operational leakage problem for a customer. The prospect of transforming infrastructure landscape of India to zero operational wastage area sq. feet by sq. feet through our technology gives a spring to my steps each morning.

You gave up a global leadership role to start TekUncorked. At what point did you decide that “this is it, I’m going to set up my own deep tech business.”?

I have always loved solving complex technology and execution challenges at work. However, at some point innovation challenges my corporate life presented stopped exciting me. I yearned to challenge myself with a problem far more complex. That feeling eventually led me to bid adieu to my global leadership role and go back to being a novice in the trenches of start-up world.

How has the ride been thus far, since starting TekUncorked? Were there any defining moments or milestones?

Almost like a potboiler, TekUncorked had more than its fair share of rejections, heartbreaks, upheavals and failures. However, along with the downsides were also the upsides as we celebrated breakthroughs, passion, trust, collaboration and the customers who believed in us.

Any exciting plans in the pipeline for TekUncorked?

TekUncorked is in the midst of a journey of transforming over 8M sq. ft infrastructure area to zero operational wastage area. We are working with diverse customers and these are truly exciting times for us as we position ourselves for a wide scale disruption.

What’s your proudest achievement to date?

Developing an elastic and truly scalable IoT Framework for infrastructure led businesses with a lean core team of 6 has been our proudest achievement. We leveraged thousands of young minds as they ideated and built PoCs for their dream applications utilizing our IoT framework components. It is an interesting story of how that led to evolution of an eco-system and I plan to share this story at Big Bang 2018.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

A thought passed down from someone has kept me awake and roaring all these years: Assume that everything that can ever go wrong will go wrong, and you will never have the resources you need to succeed in your journey. If you dare to chart a path that can lead to a win and have the nerve to walk that path, success will be your destiny.

You will be speaking at Big Bang 2018 on how we can uncork the technology bottleneck. In your opinion, what has caused this bottleneck?

Fear of the unknown is often the biggest bottleneck in the path of new technologies and innovations. People are afraid of disrupting the status quo and changing the way things are usually done in their part of the world. They also fear that new technology can cost them their jobs and disrupt their lives.

At TekUncorked, we often socialize new tech development in innovator boot camps, allowing youngsters to build engineering toys using the new concepts, so that they gradually start getting comfortable with the new way of doing things, and take back those ideas into their village and towns and homes. A lot of our customers come to us saying: “My son/daughter built this neat stuff with you, can you help me solve this tough leakage issue that I am experiencing in my business?”

What are your thoughts on Big Bang 2018? Who do you think will benefit from the conference?

Big Bang 2018 is an amazing concept. It allows young minds to meet experienced ones, leading to cross-pollination of ideas and knowledge. The networks formed here present a remarkable opportunity for business and technology collaboration. I am personally looking forward to be there to enhance my tech and business network.

In your opinion, what are some of IoT’s potential applications in future?

IoT has immense number of applications and the impact that it can create is really huge. India is a resource deficit country in many ways. We experience shortage of energy, drinking water, food and lot of other things.

We can make the available resources last longer if we can have smart, cost efficient ways of curbing leakages, wastages and inefficiencies. At TekUncorked, we are bullish about preventing operational wastages and leakages of any kind by IoT-fying the world of micro, small and medium infrastructure led businesses.

Keen to hear more from Meenakshi Vashist? She will be sharing her thoughts on “Uncorking The Technology Bottleneck” at Big Bang 2018. View the schedule here.


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