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Daimler Trucks Asia’s digital transformation strategy for 2018 and beyond

25 Apr 2018 | Daimler

In an age where everything is increasingly connected, Daimler Trucks Asia believes in adopting new technologies as early as possible to stay ahead of the pack. To do this, the company has put in place a digital transformation strategy called “Connect X”.

Connect X is all about creating a work environment that is highly connected, utilises the latest technologies and encourages innovation. This way, Daimler Trucks Asia will be able to create new value for its trucks and logistics.

To ensure that our business model is sound and capable of handling all economic conditions, we strive to empower our customers, improve efficiency of procedures and production and ensure high quality maintenance. We also want to encourage dialogues between our drivers, our vehicles, and our dealer network. All of this can be achieved by utilising operating data to identify the status of vehicles and detect malfunctions in real time. This also allows for predictive maintenance, and ensures reliability and efficiency on our end. The use of intelligence and machine learning in understanding our data has enhanced our processes.

We also want to make reality of the unimaginable with disruptive technologies. For example, by combining virtual reality with the real world, we are able to shift the paradigm of visualisation with 3D data. Our clients, designers, and engineers will have the freedom to explore and enhance what was previously unthinkable. New possibilities and unprecedented digital and technical advancements for Daimler Trucks Asia will also open doors for the Daimler world.

The appropriate use of Big Data, mixed reality, and artificial intelligence in maximizing the potential use of our data will lead a transformation in all fields. Connectivity is the key and the X factor to all technological advancements. We want to connect everything with Connect X in 2018 and beyond.

For more insights on how AR, MR and VR can be leveraged in the manufacturing industry, join Lutz Beck, Chief Information Officer, Daimler Trucks Asia, at ConnecTechAsia Summit 2018’s EmergingTech Track. Marina Bay Sands, 28 June 2018. Delegates may register for the Summit here.


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