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Diabetes Singapore adopts Crux LX with great success

4 Jul 2018 | ConnecTechAsia

NXTAsia exhibitor and Singapore startup Crux Labs has successfully deployed its Crux LX integrated telephony product for non-profit organization Diabetes Singapore (DS). 

Designed as a simplified, low-cost alternative to unified communication systems, Crux LX has proved to be the right solution for DS’s needs. DS currently uses the product as a common telephony platform for patients to access its services across Singapore, and it has provided an improved experience for both their patients and channel partners.

With a single palm-sized smart device, Crux Labs is able to help DS provide a comprehensive view of its offerings. At the same time, employees may simply enter three digit numbers to call colleagues across locations and mobile vans without incurring additional call costs.

Venkatesh Narasiah, Executive Director of DS, shares that collaborating with Crux Labs has helped DS reduce monthly telecom rental and call charges by more than 30%. “I had a very specific need for a telephony system for my organization. The only available solution was Crux LX,” he adds.

“It turned out to be the most cost-effective solution as well as easy to install and configure. Its functionality is far outstanding and there is no comparable product in the market. It has significantly enabled us to increase our distribution reach.”

Current unified communication solutions involve either a high cost of acquisition or expensive monthly rentals. Crux LX simplifies the process without compromising on functionality – deployment is as simple as configuring a wireless router.

Crux Labs founder Rohit Gupta estimates that 47% of communication systems used by small and medium businesses are currently still using old analog technology that lack collaboration features. “We are very happy that we were entrusted with the opportunity to serve Diabetes Singapore,” says Gupta. “Through this deployment, our product touches the lives of many in Singapore. It is very satisfying to see DS draw benefits from using our product.”


From L-R: Rohit Gupta, Founder of Crux Labs; Kelvin Lek, Executive Managing Director of RugGear SEA; Yip Yew Seng, Honorary Secretary of Association of Telecommunications Industry of Singapore (ATIS)

As a participant at the inaugural NXTAsia from 26-28 June 2018, Crux Labs showcased the cost-effective product to approximately 500 visitors at their booth. “We made great connects and validated interest from different countries. I am quite positive that participating in this event as an Exhibitor will turn out to be one of the wisest marketing spends for us,” shares Gupta.

Learn more about Crux Labs here.


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