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Fight DDoS Zombie Bots With an Intelligent Cloud Security Arm

14 Mar 2018 | CDNetworks

With an army of zombies attacking, organisations need to combat the issue with an intelligent army of their own.

According to several findings, including CDNetworks’ recent security report, DDoS attacks have continued to evolve and are still expected to increase. This is happening despite attempts to block or take down command and control nodes and open proxies.

DDoS is a huge threat because it is easy and profitable. Plus, several organisations remain unprepared for such attacks. Recent organisations that have been targeted include Linode, BBC, Kickass Torrents, Rutgers University, and more.

Some DDoS attacks were ransom attacks, while some were used as diversions for other types of cyber-attacks. As DDoS is getting more sophisticated and uses multiple vectors, getting just any DDoS mitigation solution may no longer be sufficient.

An intelligent Cloud Security army

As DDoS attacks grow larger and longer, single appliances – and even some hosted solutions – will no longer be able to handle them. In fact, recent attacks continue to break records in size. And with an army of zombies attacking, you need to combat the issue with an intelligent army of your own, like CDNetworks’ DDoS protection. It is able to absorb large scale global DDoS attacks, as each of CDNetworks’ anti-DDoS nodes is capable of detecting attacks, executing multiple layers of protection, sharing intel with other nodes, and coordinating protection in the event a node goes down.

Protect your Domain Name and Web Applications

DDoS attacks use multiple vectors including DNS, so make sure your DNS server or service can also withstand a zombie army attack. Attacks targeting your DNS server or service can take your site offline, even if you have multiple server locations. For DNS protection against DDoS attacks, you can use a cloud DNS service, such as CDNetworks’ Cloud DNS solution, that is also protected with the same anti-DDoS army.

To protect your web applications from layer 7 attacks that may accompany a coordinated DDoS attack, utilise a Web Application Firewall solution that will keep your applications available and secure.

In summary

Trends indicate that DDoS attacks will continue to increase and grow in sophistication. Understand that no one is exempt from being a target. Make sure your DDoS mitigation plan includes a solution that is robust enough for larger and longer attacks!

Download the 2017 DDoS attack trends and 2018 Outlook Report here.

For more insights on cybersecurity, join Jerry Chung (Country Manager – Singapore, CDNetworks) at ConnecTechAsia Summit 2018’s Security Thought Leaders Panel: The Digital Security Divide vs Global Interconnectedness. Marina Bay Sands, 27 June 2018Delegates may register for the Summit here.

Activities aplenty at the CDNetworks Hospitality Suite!

CDNetworks offers a fully integrated cloud solution that boasts unparalleled speed, security, and reliability for web content delivery. We ensure all users have a fast and safe web experience – no matter if you’re serving B2B or B2C customers, mobile employees or remote offices.  With our network of global PoPs, we are also able to keep websites accessible and secure in hard-to-reach areas like Mainland China, Russia, South East Asia and the Middle East.

At our Hospitality Suite this year, our knowledge partner, Frost and Sullivan, will join us in addressing the following topics of interest: Data security in the age of ransomware and cyberattacks and how enterprises are handling ever-evolving cyber threats. Dialogues pertaining to risk management, best practices and market observations in the era of media growth will also be conducted. See you there!

Venue: Melati Hospitality Suite 4101A, L4, Sands Expo and Convention Centre, 26-28 June 2018.



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