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Optimise video streaming with innovative OTT delivery solution, Streamroot DNA

20 Jun 2018 | ConnecTechAsia

To be launched for the first time in Asia at BroadcastAsia, Streamroot DNA allows content publishers to infinitely scale their streaming capacity, reduce their cost of delivery by up to 80%, and increase quality for viewers.

What’s Streamroot all about?

Founded in 2013 in France, Streamroot is a leading provider of innovative OTT delivery technologies for media groups, content publishers and enterprise customers. Our Distributed Network Architecture – Streamroot DNATM – powers over 20 million video sessions every day. It offers broadcasters a key competitive advantage through improved quality of service, greater audience reach and infinite delivery capacity with zero infrastructure investment. The company today serves premier media groups such as TF1, Canal+, Russia Today and Eurosport, from its offices in Paris, New York and Denver.

Your distributed network architecture, Streamroot DNA, will be launched for the first time in Asia at BroadcastAsia. Can you tell us more about the product?

Streamroot’s groundbreaking technology is changing the OTT delivery paradigm. As internet traffic volumes surge, existing infrastructure cannot keep pace with the constant rise in video content. Streamroot DNATM revolutionizes the viewer-server model by multi-sourcing content delivery from both content delivery networks (CDNs) and a mesh network of devices viewing the same content at the same time. This allows content publishers to infinitely scale their streaming capacity, reduce their cost of delivery by up to 80%, and increase quality for viewers.

Our delivery solution is plug-in free for viewers and integrates seamlessly into broadcasters’ existing video workflows. Our technology is supported on all major web and mobile platforms, set-top boxes and Smart TVs, providing the most comprehensive user coverage on the market.

Anything else visitors can expect at your booth?

Our CEO, Head of Global Sales and other team members will be present at our booth and will showcase a real-time multi-device demo of Streamroot DNATM. On top of that, our CEO will give a talk on the topic “Peer-Accelerated Video Delivery: Bringing Broadcast Economics and Quality to OTT” (2pm on 28 June, Thursday).

Why did Streamroot decide to participate in BroadcastAsia?

APAC is now home to over 49% of global internet users. Its IP traffic is the second fastest growing in the world and is expected to reach 108 exabytes per month by 2021, of which 75% will be video. On top of that, the number of unique subscribers to OTT services is expected to grow by more than 30% by 2020. These numbers perfectly illustrate Asia’s predominant place in the global video industry. They also mean that OTT delivery in the region presents a great challenge to local and global players alike, and we believe Streamroot can become a major solution to this challenge. BroadcastAsia allows us the unique opportunity to meet and partner with APAC broadcasters and OTT providers to help them prepare for the future.

What does Streamroot appreciate most about BroadcastAsia?

BroadcastAsia is the place where innovative technology and industry players gather to reshape the broadcast value chain. At Streamroot, this is exactly what we do every day: we innovate to help broadcasters provide better quality streaming and make their OTT delivery scalable, robust and cost effective. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to meet content publishers and service providers working towards the same goal.

As an industry player, what does your company think of the future of broadcast?

The future of broadcast belongs to those who can scale profitably to massive demand.

By 2021, global internet traffic is set to reach 3.3 zettabytes per year, three times what it is today. Viewer numbers are skyrocketing; 4K and 8K streaming are becoming increasingly standard, and content owners deliver more and more hours of expensive original content in immersive formats.

This drives the cost of delivery up exponentially while margins are tighter than ever.
To face tomorrow’s challenges, the delivery paradigm needs to change. Traditional CDN architecture will not suffice, and incremental innovation is not enough. We believe that distributed networks and peer-to-peer are a key component to ensure unlimited, profitable scale and built-in redundancy, without compromising high quality experience.

Discover Streamroot’s next-generation online video delivery solutions at BroadcastAsia (4H2-09, Level 4, Suntec Singapore)!

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