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Stagetec Asia will showcase IP-based console, AVATUS, at BroadcastAsia

23 May 2018 | ConnecTechAsia

AVATUS is extremely flexible, and boasts a limitless concept that allows users to configure console settings and central desk function through a touchscreen.

Can you please provide an overview of your company?

Stagetec Asia is a Malaysia-based broadcast solution provider that specialises in audio infrastructure network for live sound and broadcast industry. The company was founded in 2004, and has been providing complete audio, video and media solutions to customers in the Asian Region.

Stagetec Asia is also an exclusive partner of Stage Tec GmbH, a Berlin-based manufacturer of professional audio mixing consoles and matrix routers. Under the leadership of directors, Stagetec Asia has matured to oversee the distribution of Stage Tec products in the Southeast Asia/Pacific region.

We also work exclusively with partners to provide our clients with the best pro-audio solutions. Quality partners include DHD, Linear Acoustic, Minnetonka, RTW, Zenon Media, Mobile Viewpoint, Tieline, Riedel, ASL, Sonifex, ADAM Audio, AVT, Direct Out, and Yellowtec. Aside from supplying our partners’ products, we provide full ‘post-sales support’ for clients as well.

To complement our services, Stagetec Asia has also initiated the first Stagetec Media Academy in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. The Stagetec Media Academy was established to provide professional training and seminars (led by experienced tutors and industry experts) to working adults in relevant industries like broadcast and live sound. Professionals will also find networking opportunities aplenty at our value-added educational platform.

Why did your company decide to participate in BroadcastAsia?

It is important for us to maintain a thriving brand presence in Asia, as we are the official representative of Stage Tec GmbH in the Asian Region. By showcasing our products at BroadcastAsia, we will eventually benefit from meeting numerous visitors from different Asian countries. Our participation will also give us an update on what’s happening in Asia’s broadcast industry. BroadcastAsia is also a great opportunity for us to network and build relationships with our existing clients.

The Avatus

What will Stagetec Asia be showcasing at BroadcastAsia?

For the first time in Asia, Stagetec Asia will showcase the new IP based console, “The Avatus”, which was launched in Berlin last year. The AVATUS is the future of audio consoles. This innovative concept makes full use of the benefits offered by IP technology, and the console controller provides TCP/IP connectivity for integration into a network!

What makes the AVATUS console unique?

AVATUS is designed and customized to meet the demand of our customers’ requirements for IP-based technology. In line with their wishes, AVATUS is extremely flexible and boasts a limitless concept that allows users to configure console settings and central desk function through a touchscreen. Customization of the user interface and its features is greatly simplified, enabling AVATUS to be adapted according to the needs of professionals in the broadcast, theater and live entertainment fields.

Other significant features of AVATUS include:

1. Full use of IP Technology, providing TCP/IP Connectivity for integration into a network.
2. Supports remote network connection and browser-based mixing that does not require specific hardware.
3. Colour-coding of faders and rotary encoders, which enables rapid and intuitive operation
4. New Router InterFace AES67 (RIF67) board, designed in cooperation with DirectOut Technologies

As an industry player, what does your company think of the future of Pro-Audio?

The future of Pro-audio is limitless. More and more manufacturers are carrying out extensive R&D to keep up with current trends in IP technology, and the same thing is happening in the video industry as well. Perhaps, in the future, there will be a possibility of the Pro-Audio and Video Sector merging and collaborating for the benefit of users.

Keen to find out more about Stagetec Asia’s latest offerings? Visit Stagetec Asia at BroadcastAsia (Booth 6D4-01, Suntec Singapore) from 26-28 June 2018! View the full list of exhibitors here.

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