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Streamline Solutions to officially launch eTP Fintech and eTP Health-Kite at NXTAsia

4 Apr 2018 | ConnecTechAsia

The eTP Framework by NXTAsia exhibitor Streamline Solutions is able to deliver customised and secure cloud-based applications quickly and efficiently.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your company?

Streamline is the author of the eTP Framework, a Rapid Applications Development (RAD) environment that delivers high-performing, flexible and secure cloud-based applications. eTP is a radical innovation that delivers customised and secure cloud-based applications quickly and efficiently. With minimum training, developers can create powerful and complex applications using standard coding structures & in-built function points.

In 2001, Streamline became the recipient of investment from INTEL, which led to the establishment of eTP Framework.

Why did Streamline Solutions decide to participate in NXTAsia?

Streamline has offices in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. We have clients across the region, and primarily service the finance sector with our cloud core banking and finance solutions for Tier 2 and Credit Unions in Asia.

We exhibit in Singapore as part of a Victoria, Australia Government Trade Mission promoting trade between countries, which gathers the best technology companies Australia has to offer.

Plus, we really like the diverse nature of companies available at the show. It enables cross-collaboration across the tech sector, and the networking is of the highest calibre.

Glad to hear! We are looking forward to Streamline’s offerings at the show. Will there be any new launches?

Yes, definitely. Streamline has two new products to launch this year: eTP Fintech and eTP Health-Kite. Both received a lot of interest and initial uptake at our soft launch. We will officially launch them worldwide at ConnecTechAsia.

1. eTP Fintech

eTP Fintech is our latest multi-platform cloud core processing system designed for High Performance Affordable Banking (e.g.Credit Unions and Innovative Telcos). It is feature-rich, with inbuilt RAD for rapid implementation.

eTP-Fintech is designed to embrace “peer to peer” blockchain technology. We believe there are no other known products on the market that are comparable.

In Singapore, eTP-Fintech is rapidly being adopted by leading credit unions to replace their existing Core Processing Systems. The original eTP Framework technology has been adopted by SilverlakeAxis for front-ending Tier1 core banking globally.

2. eTP Health-Kite

eTP Health-Kite is developed in partnership with Cabrini, a prestigious hospital group in Australia. Health-Kite enables Hospitals and Care Providers to extend their current on-premise “brick and mortar” care model to patients’ homes.

For example, from the comfort of their home, our Antenatal Care product (Eve) enables expectant mothers to tap into the vast encyclopaedia of accredited knowledge created by Cabrini’s midwives and Obstetricians.

In addition, expectant mothers can monitor their baby’s well-being by the clever use of the “kick counter” at each stage of baby’s development, culminating in the launch of the “contraction timer” prior to baby’s arrival. Live video chat, Q&A forum with midwives, and a mothers’ club are some of the other features of Eve.

Similarly, other verticals such as the Emergency Alarm Management (EAM) for Independent Living, Wound Management, and Second Opinions are available on the Health-Kite platform. Bottom line: Health-Kite enhances the patients’ experience beyond the current “brick and mortar” model, resulting in increased revenue due to increased patients loyalty and satisfaction. Hospitals’ productivity is increased due to a decrease in patients’ cycle times in admission, booking and CRM type benefits.

As an industry player, what does your company think of the future of Smart Cities?

Streamline is very excited about Smart Cities and how Singapore is embracing, implementing, and promoting technology. We believe Singapore is the leader in countries adopting technology. Smart cities requires smart mission critical IT working in a hyperconverged world of daily and differing challenges. Ideally, citizens, private and government sectors should collaborate in unison to meet ongoing targets, and bypass unnecessary red tapes. Smart behaviour should be an integral part of the school curricular.

Keen to find out more about Streamline’s offerings? Visit Streamline Solutions at NXTAsia (Marina Bay Sands Singapore) from 26-28 June 2018! View the full list of exhibitors here.

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