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V2Plus Technology to launch the Video Cloud PBX Platform UC-3030 at NXTAsia

4 Apr 2018 | ConnecTechAsia

Designed with smaller organisations in mind, the UC-3030 was inspired by the original UC-6050 model.

Can you share with us a little more about your company?

V2Plus is a telecommunication and IoT technology company residing in Silicon Valley, CA. Our APAC HQ is located in Taipei, Taiwan, and our regional office is situated in China. Our focus is on the development of our Integrated Video Cloud PBX Platform, which is capable of expanding the boundaries of traditional PBX solutions with Video Conferencing, IoT Integration, and Enterprise Mobility. The solution has been successfully deployed in manufacturing, healthcare, education, office automation, war room, and O&G industries.

Why did your company decide to participate in ConnecTechAsia?

CommunicAsia has been a great meeting ground for us to catch up with old friends and reach out to new customers from related industries. It saves us a lot of time in finding the right partners. We participated in CommunicAsia back in 2016 and had a very positive experience.

Can you share with us the new products and/or technologies your company will launch at the show?

We will showcase the Video Cloud PBX Platform UC-3030 – a worldwide launch. It’s similar to the successful UC-6050 model, except that the UC-3030 was developed to support smaller organizations.

What differentiates the Video Cloud PBX Platform UC-3030 from others in its class?

The user experience makes the difference. Our platform is designed to be intuitive. There is a significant level of integration hidden in it: PBX, video conferencing, surveillance, IoT integration, scalability. But end-users will always see it as a very simple-to-use solution.

As an industry player, what does your company think of the future of IoT?

We see that we are already living in the era of IoT, and it’s gradually making our lives more convenient. As an industry player, we love being a pioneer that specialise in bringing people and IoT together.

Keen to find out more about V2Plus Technology’s new offerings? Visit V2Plus Technology at NXTAsia (Marina Bay Sands Singapore) from 26-28 June 2018! View the full list of exhibitors here.


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