26 - 28 June 2019
Marina Bay Sands
& Suntec Singapore

Innovation Hub

Innovation Hub

18 — 20th June 2019 | 11.00am to 6.00pm
Level 4, Suntec Singapore Expo & Convention Centre

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Time & Session Topic
11.00am Introduction to Dante AVIO – Network Everything
Dante has now become the de-facto standard in audio networking around the world. As the AV industry is moving further into the IP networking world and has started merging with IT, it is now up to AV professionals to learn and adapt to this new norm. Given that Dante has been adapted by more than 450 manufacturers, with 1900+ Dante-enabled products in the market, it has now become all the more important for AV professionals to understand and learn Dante, so that their transition into the audio networking world can be smooth and painless. This presentation is designed to introduce Dante networking to AV professionals, as well as introduce them to Dante AVIO adapters – Audinate’s solution for getting legacy devices on an audio network, and Dante Domain Manager – Audinate’s award winning network management and security tool
Toshiki Kawakita, APAC Sales Manager, Audinate
11.30am Creative Grading
The new Creative Grading concept takes camera shading to the next level. It will unleash creativity to enhance better and more attractive productions. It is the combination of direct accessible controls and the optimized visualisation of the grading panel that makes every shader an artist.
Paul de Bresser, Product Manager, Grass Valley
12.00pm AES67 and ST 2110-30 Interoperability in Real Life
AES67 is an interoperability standard for audio transmission. But is it really plug and play? This talk compares the standard with actual implementations and highlights potential pitfalls and specialties. Setting up a ST 2110-30 stream between two devices should be fairly easy but what is actually needed to do that? How do I find out what blocks my setup? This talk covers a brief overview over AES67 and ST 2110-30 and compares the standards with their actual implementations.
Lorenzo Sassi, Business Development, DirectOut
12.30pm Managing migration from SDI to all IP broadcasting: challenges and real use cases
The transition from SDI to all-IP broadcasting comes with many challenges. Today, one can safely say the industry standards for the media data plane are largely mature to put to action: many products today support SMPTE 2110.
The real challenges are much focused on the orchestration of a vast amount of IP flows, the monitoring of those, and of course the management of the PTP clock signals that are vital to the entire operations.
In this session, the challenges of managing IP broadcast infrastructure will be depicted, and solutions will be demonstrated based on real SMTE 2110 deployments.
Steven Soenens, Vice President, Product Marketing, Skyline Communications
1.00pm End of Programme





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