26 - 28 June 2019
Marina Bay Sands
& Suntec Singapore

NXTAsia Stage

NXTAsia Stage

18 — 20th June 2019 | 11.00am to 6.00pm
NXTAsia Stage, Level 5, Sands Expo and Convention Centre

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Time & Session Topic
11.00am ManWinWin Software
Be smart about Smart Maintenance management
Maintenance management is becoming increasingly strategic for companies and technology has been playing a vital role in this. Maintenance management impacts customer value, a company’s image, skills, productivity of workers. Innovating maintenance management is a key investment decision.
Aim for world-class maintenance without skipping steps.
Rodrigo Seruya Cabral, Managing Director
11.10am Mware Solutions
Creating a cost effective and excellent TV- and Video-on-Demand service resulting in connected subscribers and additional revenue
3 key elements are required for a successful IPTV OTT project
• “Wow” effect for end users
• Management of Service for all involved departments
• Robust infrastructure for a reliable service.
Cees van Versendaal, Director, Sales & Partnerships
11.15am Acorus Networks – From DDoS scrubbing Centers to a scrubbing Network
Acorus Networks is a French Cybersecurity company, specialized in protecting both Web and Network infrastructures against volumetric and sophisticated DDoS attacks. We provide customized visibility, efficient detection and mitigation control to our customers thanks to our large-scale dedicated and automated DDoS mitigation worldwide network.
Raphael Maunier, Co-Founder
11.25am rdom
rdcom offers business messaging solutions with a focus on SMS, including: Bulk SMS, SMS Advertising and Email marketing solutions. We offer various messaging models so that our services are accessible to different-sized businesses. We are a partner of Google for its Jibe initiative and have early-access to its RCS programme. We are currently developing an exciting multichannel messaging platform that will integrate all messaging channels, including RCS and the key global ChatApps.
Daniele Poerio, Founder & CEO, rdcom
11.30am Bit-Soft
“Digital Transformation – From ground floor to Sky Tower”
Bogdan Stanciu
11.40am Suntech
Empowering customers to order the services through self service portals as well as automatic orchestration of a series of tasks to run without human intervention is a desire of each telecom. And a must of those who want to make the most out of 5G.
Magdalena Jabłońska
11.50am Sail Labs Technology – SAIL LABS Media Mining: actionable knowledge across multimedia and multi lingual framework
The Media Mining System provides a comprehensive and flexible framework of tools: collecting, processing and analyzing information from open and publicly available sources to create actionable intelligence and knowledge is at the core of SAIL LABS with the ultimate goal of transforming data into informed decisions.
Francesca Galeotti
12.00pm Automate. Accelerate. Scale.
5G will bring infinite opportunity for telcos and cloud service providers in the digital economy. Learn how to accelerate your XaaS business firsthand from Darren Lum, Business Development Lead of CloudBlue, the world’s leading cloud commerce engine. Our CloudBlue Platform powers 150 of the largest global telcos as they deliver XaaS. Learn how you can deliver your own service catalog with public cloud consumption with a single provisioning and billing capability.
Darren Lum, Business Development Lead, ASEAN, CloudBlue
1.00pm CSW Summit Singapore
6.00pm End of Programme





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