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Speaker Profile - Mahmoud Dasser

Speaker Profile - Mahmoud Dasser

Mahmoud DasserTMone

Mahmoud Dasser

Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer of TM ONE, Mahmoud Dasser is responsible for Telekom Malaysia Berhad’s (TM) overall alliances development, marketing strategy and execution in TM ONE. Mahmoud’s focus is to develop strategic alliances in ICT and BPO domains and engage with key local and global ICT players to jointly create economic value for the local industries, communities and government institutions.

Prior to his recent relocation to Malaysia, he was the Vice President at Etissalat Group in Saudi Arabia, where he established new alliances and partnerships practice with global, and local ICT and Cloud Services players to accelerate a number of country transformation initiatives in health, education, smart cities and financial services.

Mahmoud is a 16-year Cisco veteran who has taken on a wide variety of international leadership roles in both developed and developing countries. He managed a billion dollar business by leading a Cisco partner organisation in Africa and Middle East. Prior to joining Cisco, Mahmoud had various leadership roles within Swisscom organisation where he supported the top Swiss multinational corporation in their business transformation and globalisation efforts.

Mahmoud holds an Engineering Degree in Telecommunications from Telecom Paris Tech, French engineering school. Originally from Morocco, Mahmoud spent more than 20 years in Geneva, Switzerland with his wife and two children and now lives in Kuala Lumpur.

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