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Speaker Profile - Nimalan Nadesalingam

Speaker Profile - Nimalan Nadesalingam

Nimalan Nadesalingam

Nimalan Nadesalingam

Global Lead, Deployment & Adoption
Author, ‘Transformative Change’ Deloitte

Since 2018 Nimalan has been with Deloitte where he has been tasked with establishing and leading a global unit for the deployment and adoption of major technological and digital transformations.

Additionally, he is also the author of ‘Transformative Change’ (published worldwide by Management Pocketbooks in 2014), the creator of the 7Cs Of Change methodology (www.7csofchange.com) and an Associate Professor for Change Management and Digitial Transformation at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

Nimalan has delivered key-note speeches at various conferences around the world (Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East, UK) and his writings in the field of Business Transformation have appeared as articles in traditional business magazines and journals across the globe in multiple languages (including Japan, India, Malaysia and UAE).

His debut book, ‘Transformative Change’, was published on paperback and e-book by Management Pocketbooks and released worldwide in November 2014 and charted on several Amazon Top 100 Business Titles best sellers charts. The book was based on his 7Cs Of Change Methodology and toolkit, which has now been licensed to over 20 organisations internationally and core reading text for several university courses.

Nimalan is from Great Britain where he earned his BA Honours and subsequent MBA. He is now living in Germany with over a decade of international experience with his professional engagements taking him to over 30 countries in the past decade.

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