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Revisiting The Marketing Mix

The marketing mix of Price, Product, Place, and Promotion has evolved. While classic strategies are often still in play, digitisation…

20 May 2019 | Nick Jonsson, Managing Director of EGN Networks, Singapore

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A Social Media Watchdog Would Be In Everyone’s Interests – Including Facebook’s

In her recent TED talk, UK journalist Carole Cadwalladr suggested that the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica scandal is a symptom of a…

20 May 2019 | Pamela Clark-Dickson, Practice Leader, Digital Communications and Social Networking, Consumer Services, Ovum

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Connect With: Tare Brisibe, APAC, SES

We speak to Tare Brisibe, SES Senior Legal & Regulatory Counsel on the future of 5G, its impact on the…

14 May 2019 | Tare Brisibe, Senior Legal & Regulatory Counsel, Asia-Pacific, SES

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The Dilemma of Robotic Process Automation

"Technology is creating boundless opportunities to transform lives… one that is working to the advantage of the people" -- Indian…

14 May 2019 | Laurent Doucet, Principal, Roland Berger Hong Kong

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How Will Technology Change my Business

The advancement of technology has altered the course of business gradually and impactfuly. From the agricultural revolution, to the invention…

13 May 2019 | Nick Jonsson, Managing Director of EGN Networks, Singapore

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Cybersecurity – A Key Pillar of Smart Cities

Smart Cities by definition, use modern ICT to collect, process and store data which is used to manage various assets…

8 May 2019 | Mamoon Reza, Cybersecurity Consultant and Vice-chair of Cybersecurity at Smart Cities Network

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The Future with 5G and IoT – Simplifying Workflows

When you put together technology and the future of work, or even life, it is all about making things easier.…

6 May 2019 | David Pigot, Director of IoT & Enterprise Mobility, Bridge Alliance

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4G Technology Has a Long-Term Role to Play

4G mobile technology reshaped the telecommunications industry, but 5G has the potential to reshape society. Ubiquitous 5G networks will support…

29 Apr 2019 | David Kennedy, Practice Leader, Asia-Pacific, Ovum

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Connect With: Cat Williams-Treloar, CEO, Humanisation

Get to know the Human-Centred Marketer who helps SaaS, eCommerce and Tech businesses launch and scale in APAC. Hi there,…

1 Feb 2018 | ConnecTechAsia

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