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Cybersecure by Design – The Role of Security Architecture

We are living in a time of ubiquitous digital technology. Not only are we constantly surrounded by digital gadgets, but…

17 Jun 2019 | Mamoon Reza, Cybersecurity Consultant and Vice-chair of Cybersecurity at Smart Cities Network

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Cybersecurity – A Key Pillar of Smart Cities

Smart Cities by definition, use modern ICT to collect, process and store data which is used to manage various assets…

8 May 2019 | Mamoon Reza, Cybersecurity Consultant and Vice-chair of Cybersecurity at Smart Cities Network

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What is the Cybersecurity Act?

It provides a framework to Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) owners on their obligations to proactively protect their data and networks…

1 Apr 2019 | KPMG

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Will 2019 bring better security news?

In 2019, organisations of all shapes and sizes will be looking for a better news year when it comes to…

17 Jan 2019 | Maxine Holt, Research Director, Ovum

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When your connected home becomes the ultimate storefront

Without controls in place, your privacy may be surrendered to corporate marketers, says McAfee. Corporate marketers have powerful incentives to…

9 May 2018 | McAfee

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Indeed ID to launch First-in-Asia security solutions at NXTAsia

Read on to find out more about NXTAsia exhibitor Indeed ID’s new security solutions, including the Indeed Enterprise Authentication and…

2 May 2018 | ConnecTechAsia

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A Rapidly Rising Percentage of Data Will Require Security

According to Seagate, the percentage of data requiring security will grow to nearly 90% by 2025, and will encompass five…

11 Apr 2018 | Seagate

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Fight DDoS Zombie Bots With an Intelligent Cloud Security Arm

With an army of zombies attacking, organisations need to combat the issue with an intelligent army of their own. According…

14 Mar 2018 | CDNetworks

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Protecting children from the effects of negative digital baggage

As adults, we are gradually coming to terms with this effect and learning to manage our digital lives, but what…

28 Feb 2018 | McAfee

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The adversarial machine learning arms race revs up

According to McAfee Labs, attackers and defenders are working to out-innovate each other in AI. Human-machine teaming Human-machine teaming is…

28 Feb 2018 | McAfee

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