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Benefits of Telemedicine/ In-app Communication Software to Disrupt the Healthcare Industry

The trend is rising! Telemedicine and its associated technologies/software have found tremendous acceptance in the U.S. mainstream medical practices, with…

5 Aug 2019 | Bent Rye, CEO, Temasys Communications

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Realising The Promise of Smart Cities

Moderated by Francis Kan, this roundtable session discusses the future of cities and how they are embracing themselves for the…

29 Jul 2019 |

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Success Under Korean Banner

South Korean companies are seeking to explore Asian markets for B2B solutions.  Aiming to help South Korean companies reach new…

10 Jul 2019 | TechBytes

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Internet of Things Trends to Watch

The IoT market is moving into a new phase. The hype is beginning to die down, although the intersections between…

13 Jun 2019 | Ovum Report

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How Telcos Can Win In The 5G And Digital Economy

Telcos of the world know they’re at the center of connecting the digital economy to businesses around the world. Working…

3 Jun 2019 | Lincoln Jack Lincoln, Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan, CloudBlue

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Step By Step On A Digital Journey

ONE of the best ways to illustrate how a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) can digitalise its operations is through…

15 May 2019 | Jonathan Ho, Head of Enterprise Market and Head of Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance, KPMG

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The Future with 5G and IoT – Simplifying Workflows

When you put together technology and the future of work, or even life, it is all about making things easier.…

6 May 2019 | David Pigot, Director of IoT & Enterprise Mobility, Bridge Alliance

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Unlock value with an Industrial IoT technology stack that scales

A rapidly evolving vendor landscape composed mainly of point solutions makes it hard for industrial companies to build a scalable…

22 Mar 2019 | Ani Bhalekar and Karel Eloot

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How IoT Makes Healthy Communities

Evolving Use Cases Within Health IoT Applications In 1982, computer science students at Carnegie Mellon University got their Coke machine…

2 May 2018 | Seagate

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