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Step By Step On A Digital Journey

ONE of the best ways to illustrate how a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) can digitalise its operations is through…

15 May 2019 | Jonathan Ho, Head of Enterprise Market and Head of Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance, KPMG

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What is the Cybersecurity Act?

It provides a framework to Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) owners on their obligations to proactively protect their data and networks…

1 Apr 2019 | KPMG

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Here’s How AI and Data Analytics Can Get You Into Trouble…

In the scramble to embrace tech such as AI and data & analytics, businesses may find themselves on the wrong…

23 Jan 2019 | Lem Chin Kok, KPMG

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Mobility 2030

A series exploring the evolving mobility ecosystem and its effects. It's now widely accepted that by 2030, mobility will be…

11 Jan 2019 | KPMG

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