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Coming Soon To a Digital Screen Near You

Moderated by Francis Kan, this roundtable discussion focuses on the evolution of television as new technologies emerge, featuring key digital…

22 Jul 2019 | The Business Times

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The Urgency And Imperative For Smart Education

The horrors of the recent terror attack captured in video by the gunman in New Zealand prompted Facebook to remove…

10 Jun 2019 | Tay Kok-Chin, Chairman, Smart Cities Network

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The Media and Telco Arena: Consolidation, Competition or Collaboration?

Music and video streaming services are today the dominating source for digital media consumption. Media (OTT, broadcasters, Pay-TV) companies are…

27 May 2019 | Mateen Kirmani, Partnerships Lead, Circles.Life

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Making Video Work For Telcos

Telcos are scrambling to offset loss in revenue from traditional communication services and are aggressively pursuing opportunities in online video.…

29 Apr 2019 | Kjetil Jakobsen, Global Director of Expansion, iflix

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Are women entrepreneurs the key to accelerated global economic development?

In recent years, we have seen female entrepreneurship around the world trending upwards. Surveyed across 63 economies, the latest research…

8 Apr 2019 | Mr Steve Settle, Regional Director of CFO Centre

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Unlock value with an Industrial IoT technology stack that scales

A rapidly evolving vendor landscape composed mainly of point solutions makes it hard for industrial companies to build a scalable…

22 Mar 2019 | Ani Bhalekar and Karel Eloot

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Our vision for Smart Cities must be REAL

Source: ASEAN Smart Cities Network Many governments and cities have embarked on their smart cities initiative. Their hope is to ride…

15 Mar 2019 | Tay Kok-Chin, Chairman, Smart Cities Network & Professor Suhono Harso Supangkat, President of the Smart Indonesia Initiatives Association

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Smart home vendors must tap into what their customers think

There are many factors that contribute to the success of businesses, and customer satisfaction is one of them. Offering a…

13 Mar 2019 | Mariana Zamoszczyk, Senior Analyst, Consumer Services Ovum

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AI won’t take your job, people will

Technology is not the enemy. AI, Virtual Reality, and Chatbots are not the sole reason people lose their jobs. The…

13 Mar 2019 | Nick Jonsson, Managing Director, EGN Singapore

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Why we need to rethink “Women in Tech”

Do women need to be coders in order be considered part of the Tech industry? As investment in anything tech-related…

5 Mar 2019 | Jacinta Quah

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