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Amazon Prime: One subscription to rule them all?

In 2016, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said of the company's Prime service: "We get to monetize [video]in a very unusual…

21 Aug 2019 | Rob Gallagher, Research Director, Consumer & Entertainment Services, Ovum

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The potential and the pitfalls of partnerships

Strategic partnerships have many advantages – they allow companies to leverage complementary skills, they rapidly reduce the time it takes…

19 Aug 2019 | Tim Banting, Principal Analyst, Workspace Services (Collaboration), Ovum

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5G Will Open New Opportunities For Telco-OTT Media Bundling

5G promises to open new, exciting possibilities for the kinds of media services that can be delivered over mobile networks,…

22 Jul 2019 | Guillermo Escofet, Principal Analyst, Ovum

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Operators Will Need Multiple OTT Video Partners To Stay Competitive

The growth in the range of online video options available to consumers shows no sign of abating in the near…

1 Jul 2019 | Jonathan Doran, Principle Analyst, Ovum

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Internet of Things Trends to Watch

The IoT market is moving into a new phase. The hype is beginning to die down, although the intersections between…

13 Jun 2019 | Ovum Report

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Stephen Hawking Said AI Will Be “Either The Best Or The Worst Thing To Happen To Humanity”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is entering a new phase where the narrative is shifting from hype to reality. Many thought leaders…

3 Jun 2019 | Sonia Agnese, Senior Analyst, Regulation, Ovum

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5G Pricing Innovation Is Cherry Picking From Fixed Broadband

Telcos are not overly good at pricing innovation, but it is key to data monetisation. Too often, pricing strategy for…

27 May 2019 | Nicole McCormick, Practice Leader, Broadband and Multiplay, Ovum

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A Social Media Watchdog Would Be In Everyone’s Interests – Including Facebook’s

In her recent TED talk, UK journalist Carole Cadwalladr suggested that the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica scandal is a symptom of a…

20 May 2019 | Pamela Clark-Dickson, Practice Leader, Digital Communications and Social Networking, Consumer Services, Ovum

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Cybersecurity: Impact and Opportunities

Exploring the impact of cybersecurity on enterprises, service providers, and technology vendors Headlines with some kind of cybersecurity angle appear…

3 May 2019 | Maxine Holt, Research Director, Ovum

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Connecting everything with NewSpace IoT

Ovum view Summary The birth of NewSpace, the emerging commercial space industry, has been created by startups with global ambitions…

22 Apr 2019 |

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