Summit Overview

ConnecTechAsia Summit will return this 26 – 28 June 2018 at Marina Bay Sands and Suntec Singapore, to explore and experience the most critical and transformational shifts impacting the coming years, and beyond. Themed “Digital Business Transformation”, this summit is the interlink that connects solution-based applications and technologies with real-life used cases presented at various sessions. Incorporating 3 tracks at the Summit: NetworkComms, EmergingTech, and BroadcastMedia will see technology, ideas and business converge, providing the technological innovation and thought-leadership that will help pave the way towards a brighter and more connected world. Listen to top-notch speakers and top industry leaders share, discuss and debate on pressing issues and opportunities facing the ICT, broadcasting and media industry.

Summit Themes


5GNetwork VirtualisationSatellite CommunicationsNetwork Slicing


Bitcoin & CryptocurrencyBlockchain TechnologyCloud ComputingBig DataFintech & StartUpsMachine Learning (ML)Artificial Intelligence (AI)Quantum ComputingConnected IndustriesIoTCybersecurityAugmented Reality (AR)Virtual Reality (VR)Smart Cities


OTT & VODIP Broadcast8K, 4K, UHD, HDNext-Gen TVSocial Video

Programme Overview

Conference Day 1: 26 June 2018

Opening Ceremony & Morning Plenary @ MARINA BAY SANDS DIGITAL BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION Guest of Honor Welcome Address: Minister Yaacob Ibrahim Visionary Address – TBC CXO Panel: How AI is Shaping the Future Digital Landscape? Digitalising with Satellite: Addressing Disruption and the Future Mass Market (BroadcastMedia delegates proceed back to Suntec Singapore after lunch)

EmergingTech Track

  • Cloud Integration: Strategic Transformation with the Modern Switch
  • Cybersecurity: The Next Frontier
  • Enterprise IoT and Quantum Computing
  • Scaling Up with Enterprise IoT: A Transformational Force

NetworkComms Track

  • Breaking Free from the Connectivity-Driven Competition
  • Tackling the Realities of 5G
  • Network Slicing: The Future Network Transformer
  • Network Virtualisation

Satcomm Track

  • Expanding Satellite Services via Partnerships
  • 5G, Spectrum Wars and the Quest for New Standards
  • Service Provider Panel: IoT, 5G & ROI

BroadcastMedia (Commercial and Technology) Regions in Focus Session

  • Executive Panel: Innovate or Risk Out: Strategies for Long Term Success
  • “Go Regional, Think Global” OTT Platform
  • The Digital Transformation in Malaysia
  • Case Study: The Media Revolution in Indonesia

Conference Day 2: 27 June 2018

Morning Plenary @ MBS Opening Address: TBA Keynote Presentation: TBA Thought Leaders Panel: Cybersecurity Morning Plenary @ SUNTEC Keynote Address: Boosting Content Distribution with Vitamin “C” (Consumer) Thought Leaders Panel: Is Forging Media Alliance Content Piracy a Way Forward?

EmergingTech Track

  • Accelerating with Singularity: Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Robotic Processing Automation
  • Data Science and Data Lakes
  • Smart Cities and Connected Industries

NetworkComms Track

  • Disrupting a Trillion Industry through Digitized Personalization
  • New Business Models and Monetisation
  • Network Architecture Agility

BroadcastMedia Commercial Track

  • The Price War in the OTT battlefield
  • IP Broadcasting: What Does it Mean for Broadcasters?
  • E-Sports: The new broadcast game?
  • Delivering to a Global OTT Platform

BroadcastMedia Technology Track

  • 4K Video Delivery and Broadband Readiness
  • Multi-Screen Delivery of Ultra HD Quality Videos
  • Transition to IP Broadcasting: Creating More Flexible IP Distribution Chain

Conference Day 3: 28 June 2018


EmergingTech Track

  • Joining the Blockchain Party – What’s the Catch?
  • Blockchain-as-a-Service: Harnessing the Power of Decentralisation
  • Start-ups Innovation Spotlight: The Future Innovation Engines
  • Making Magic: The Rise of Mobile Immersive Computing
  • Beyond the Hype of Digital Realities: Where Are We At, How Far Can We Go?
  • Unlocking New Business Potential Using Your AR Canvas

BroadcastMedia Commercial Track

  • Understanding Big Data to increase OTT profitability
  • Predictive Analytics: Learning consumer’s churning pattern
  • Generating new revenue streams from Set Top Boxes
  • Maximising revenues through big data analytics

BroadcastMedia Technology Track

  • Artificial Intelligence – Driving the next wave of innovation
  • Building a Scalable Next-Generation TV Services
  • Virtual Reality: Where Are We At?
  • The Future of Terrestrial Broadcast

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