Summit Programme

Day 1, 26 June 2018
(NetworkComms, EmergingTech, BroadcastMedia)
DAY 1, TUESDAY, 26 JUNE 2018
Location: Level 4, Marina Bay Sands
8.00am Registration and Morning Coffee
9.00am Delegates to be seated for Opening Ceremony
9.30am Chairman’s Welcome Address
9.45am Arrival of Guest-of-Honour and Opening Address
Invited: Minister of ICT, Yaacob Ibrahim
10.00am Visionary Address
Invited: C-Level, Alibaba
10.30am Keynote Presentation
Invited: C-Level, Google

CXO Panel: How Digital Transformation is Reshaping the Next-Gen Business Models and Ecosystem of Tomorrow?
Many industries are jumping onto the bandwagon of digital disruption by harnessing new technologies, innovative capabilities, to accelerate and improve businesses. The continuing digital business evolution is aimed at bridging both physical and digital worlds seamlessly. In this session, the chief experts will discuss and share insights on how they are spearheading their organisation through this transformational journey.

Arvind Mathur, Chief Information Technology Officer, Prudential Assurance
Bill Chang, Chief Executive Officer – Group Enterprise , Singtel
Parminder Singh, Chief Commercial and Digital Officer, Mediacorp
Jean-Francois Fenech, CEO, Eutelsat Asia
Jerry Chung, Vice President – APAC, CDNetworks

Moderator: Shad Hashmi, VP, Digital Development – Global Markets & Operations (Asia), BBC

12.10pm Networking Lunch and Exhibition Viewing
*(BroadcastMedia track attendees proceed to Suntec Singapore for Track Conference after lunch)
DAY 1, TUESDAY, 26 JUNE 2018
Location: Level 4, Marina Bay Sands
1.30pm Chairman’s Welcome Address
Cybersecurity: The Next Defence Frontier

Dude – Where is My Content? How Do Enterprises Ensure a Secure, Cloud Accelerated Content Strategy
Content has become the new oil. This holds true for content heavy industries like media, ecommerce etc. but also for normal enterprises as they host a lot of media content for wide variety of use cases like Training, Products/Sales collaterals and other purposes. Enterprises need to look at Content management in a different way in the new era of Ransomwares and cyberattacks. Critical to enterprise data security is real-time threat monitoring. The presentation explores the critical elements for this new age content management for enterprises.

Bambang Wibowo, Managing Director, Indosat Singapore
Senior Executive, Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT)
Senior Executive, Singapore Pools
Jerry Chung, Vice President – APAC, CDNetworks

Moderator: Ajay Sunder, Vice President ICT – APAC, Frost & Sullivan


Movers and Shakers Dialogue: Managing Risk in the Era of Hyper Media Growth
As enterprises gear towards next generation risk, prevention and intelligence are becoming critical. Enterprises are increasingly trying to see how they can predict the next attack rather than reactive after-attacks follow ups. There are factors which CIOs need to be aware with regards to the solutions they are implementing:

  • Traffic monitoring 24x7x365 to collect data on vulnerabilities, threats, IP reputation lists
  • Real-time security dashboards to simplify management and help ensure compliance
  • Certifications required

The discussion explores the vulnerabilities and how CIOs can be better prepared for the risks, best practices and market observations

Ajay Sunder, Vice President ICT – APAC, Frost & Sullivan
Jerry Miller, Vice President of Global Service Operations , CDNetworks

3.20pm Afternoon Coffee and Networking Session

Safeguarding your Future Business with IoT
IoT – the new age threat vector is now opening an unlimited attack surface for more sophisticated cyberattacks and data breaches. This session will take a closer look at the latest developments in cyber risks combat, advance threat detection capabilities, and why a robust layered hardware and software protection of network is critical in reaping real value from the future of IoT.

Jack Ow, IP & Technology Partner, RHTLaw Taylor Wessing LLP
Ian Yip, Chief Technology Officer – Asia Pacific, McAfee
Petr Peterka, Chief Technology Officer, Verimatrix
Caroline Doulcet, VP International Data Privacy Counsel, Barclays
Senior Council Member, The Internet Society

Moderator: David Nagrosst, CISSP, APAC Technical Sales Leader, Leading IT Datacenter and Cyber Security Company

Enterprise IoT: Industrialising Businesses, Capitalising Intelligence

Scaling Up within Enterprise IoT: A Transformational Force
IoT has tremendous potential to transform businesses; however many are unsure how to ride this horse. It is estimated that IoT’s value to organisations could reach $14trillion in the coming decade, and those who succeed in implementing this are poised to gain a competitive advantage in the long term. In this session, get grounded to overcome the key IoT implementations and challenges, to drive cost savings, enhance efficiency and boost productivity.

Swaroop Balakrishnan Regional Sales Director Asia Pacific, Bosch Software Innovations


NB-IoT Pioneering Projects: Case Studies in Smart Parking, Logistics, and Precision Agriculture
NB-IoT being an operator/infrastructure-based emerging technology, allows smart city applications to operate on top of a mature system in terms of scalability and deployment cost. This session will provide insights to numerous case studies, in Smart City Parking, Container Logistics, Cold Chain, Metering and Precision Agriculture in NB-IoT partnering with several operators. Hear from this session about how NB-IoT will shape the future, addressing challenges and success outcomes. Taiwan mobile presents the strategy and development of NB-IoT from its domain. In this session, both presenters will be sharing first-hand materials pivotal to the IoT world, which may change the way you see the wider ecosystem.

Joint presenters:
Andrew Chen, Senior Enterprise Solution Manager, Taiwan Mobile
Johnson Chang, Executive Vice President, Nietzsche Enterprise Co., Ltd. (NHR)


Optimising Integrated Technologies for Future-Ready Collaborative Spaces
As organisations start to shift from using hardware-based solutions to BYOD software-based services, how do they further simplify system design and usability using scalable solutions and out-of-the-box collaborative tools? Join us as we navigate current integrated technology trends and discuss how two organisations have optimised workspace technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) case study (1): Classroom automation enabled SIM to facilitate deeper collaboration between students and teachers, while allowing their IT teams to better manage manpower resources.
  • Petronas case study (2): We successfully deployed our suite of solutions to integrate multiple operational functions under a single processor, enhancing the reliability of their system.

Tony Ang, General Manager – Southeast Asia, Crestron Electronics

5.35pm Chairman Wrap-up and Closing Remarks
End of Conference Day 1
DAY 1, TUESDAY, 26 JUNE 2018
Location: Level 4, Marina Bay Sands
1.30pm Chairman’s Welcome Address
Manesh Pratap Singh, Managing Director, BYG Advantage

Disruptors Dialogue: Breaking Free from the Connectivity-Driven Competition
Get into the zone through this dialogue of operators and techno-prenuer where they bring down the competition barrier and wear their partnership hats. Hear how telcos collaborate with stratups win the competition through open source projects to go head-to-head against infrastructure providers, and ultimately bringing a fresh perspective and enabling innovation.

Abhishek Gupta, Co-Founder & Director, Circles.Life
Zoran Vasiljev, Chief Strategy Office, Axiata Digital Services
Alyona Tkachenko, CEO & Co-Founder, Nommi
Usman Khan Lodhi, Group Head Digital Strategy & Investments, Indosat Ooredoo

Moderator: Quah Mei Lee, Industry Principal – ICT Practice APAC, Frost & Sullivan


Solving the Problems of High Capacity and Reliable Communications Over the Air
By combining a high capacity FSO link, a high capacity E-Band link, and an intelligent switch to manage the traffic across each, Hybrid FSO/E-Band solutions will be able to deliver 10Gbps, or more, over link distances of 5km or greater. Availability of these links will be significantly improved in comparison to non-hybrid solutions, at higher capacity than Hybrid E-Band/Microwave links.

Ongoing operator trials are testing the performance and capability of one such solution, developed by Collinear Networks. Here, theoretical, simulated, and for the first time, experimental over-the-air results will be presented and compared. The benefits of Hybrid FSO/E-Band links will be discussed, along with data collected during Collinear’s international trials.

Victa McClelland, Chief Solutions Architect, Collinear Networks

5G Roadmap and Network Slicing
2.40pm Tackling the Realities of 5G
The communications industry stakeholders are working tirelessly to nurture 5G and design it in hopes to enhance existing services and essentially open new capabilities and efficiencies not possible with today’s networks. Gain first mover advantage from this session on how to maximise existing network assets to innovate new services at a much faster speed and secured network, identify key technical enablers once we go live on 5G, and new partnerships to forge for future business monetisation.
3.10pm Afternoon Coffee

How Satellite Will Play a Vital Role in the Successful Roll-Out of 5G
The need for satellite and wireless synergizing together is greater than before. Clearing C-band spectrum for terrestrial operators will enable a coordinated 5G rollout. So how will this co-primary terrestrial operations model work? Aside to this, affordability of broad bandwidth is paramount, will it be a market-based or a regulatory model approach for all?

Semir Hassanaly, Market Director – Cellular Backhaul & Trunking, Newtec


The Future of Network – Challenges and Opportunities for SPs in APAC
The emergence of SD-WAN has helped speed-up enterprise edge virtualization. Enterprises are embracing SD-WAN to achieve an agile, cost-effective hybrid WAN.
The presentation explores:

  • Current state of networking technologies among Enterprise and their readiness to transform their networks?
  • Is APAC ready for SD-WAN?
  • What are the use cases for SD-WAN?
  • How is the Future of Networking going to evolve for APAC?

Ajay Sunder, Vice President ICT – APAC, Frost & Sullivan


VR and the Wireless Mesh Home’s Combination of 802.11ax and 802.11ad (60 GHz)
Home Wi-Fi is key to almost everything we do. This presentation covers how 802.11ax may increase performance and decrease congestion. It reviews the feasibility of using this spectrum for new applications like untethered Virtual Reality HMD. It also unveils both modelled and captured data from real home environments. ARRIS worked with Georgia Southern University to test the performance of WiGig reference design products in the ARRIS Wi-Fi test house in Suwanee Georgia.

Paul Leung, Vice President – Technical, ARRIS

Roundtables Circuit: Network Virtualisation
5.10pm Session 1:
Trailblazing with Virtualisation: Real Challenges with Enterprise NFV Adoption
Reports show that only less than 15% of enterprises have deployed NFV in their production environment, whereas another 50% are still taking the wait-and-see approach (exploration with vendors). The next questions to ask how we can accumulate operational know-how, refine programmability, flexibility and deploy automation to prepare for the new ear of 5G?

Session 2:
Taking SD-WAN to the Next Level: When will Adoption Start to Bring ROI?
The traditional WAN infrastructure is disrupted. With SD-WAN, this emerging solution for networking is aimed at building an agile, scalable and secure platform for service differentiation and it is clear that this extensible strategy is create invaluable future long term benefits. During this session you will learn key considerations and when choosing an SD-WAN solution for your enterprise, new iterations to expect, and security challenges when managing this new technology.

Tim Sullivan, Co-Founder and CEO, Coevolve

5.40pm Chairman Wrap-up and Closing Remarks
End of Conference Day 1
DAY 1, TUESDAY, 26 JUNE 2018
Location: Level 4, Marina Bay Sands
1.30pm Chairman’s Welcome Address
Kevin French, Publisher, talkSatellite
1.35pm APSCC President’s Opening Note
Gregg Daffner, President, APSCC

Landscape Analysis: The State of APAC’s Satellite Industry
An opening scene setter that analyses the global and regional market conditions, including terrestrial competition, pricing pressures and fill rates of satellite fleets. This session will also touch upon capacity and production, supply vs demand and 2019’s market growth forecast.

Christopher Baugh, President, NSR


DTH Panel: Expanding Satellite Services via Partnerships with OTT Players
OTT players are the new age disruptors in the pay-tv environment and this wave has hit Asia. With consumers demanding greater content, OTT has augmented the entire user experience. As such, how will this alter the dynamics of satellite capacity that DTH operators will buy moving forward? What is the future of Satellite in the media and distribution space? In this session, hear from industry players on how they strategize new collaborations and partnerships to drive this OTT economics, and remain relevant in this space.

Deepak Mathur, Executive Vice President, Global Sales, SES Video
Terry Bleakley, Regional Vice President APAC Sales, Intelsat
Thierry Fautier, VP – Video Strategy, Harmonic
Pan Li, Director – Marketing and Business Development, APT Satellite
C-level representative, Eutelsat

Moderator: Blaine Curcio, Founder, Orbital Gateway Consulting


China Satcom Technology Panel
China is emerging as a power on a global scale across a number of different areas in the space and satellite industry. Here, we will discuss the various technology trends across the Chinese satellite telecoms industry, and ways that business models are evolving towards different markets and different demand verticals. The panel brings together panelists from across the value chain, from manufacturers/launchers to satellite operators to service providers.

Huang Baozhong, Executive Vice President, APT Satellite
Michael Yang, CTO, Huaxun

Moderator: Blaine Curcio, Founder, Orbital Gateway Consulting

3.20pm Afternoon Coffee and Networking Session

LEOs, MEOS, GEOs…..and Everything In Between
Recent developments in non-geostationary satellite communications have attracted global attention. With recent consolidation between MEO in compliment to GEO portfolio, others are in preparation for LEO constellation rollout. With portfolio realignment for the next-generation services, what do these plans look like and how will this resonate with enterprise clients and consumers? This session will provide answers.

Mark Rigolle, Chief Executive Officer, LeoSat
Andrew Jordan, CEO, Asiasat
Imran Malik, VP Fixed Data Asia-Pacific, SES Networks

Moderator: David Hartshorn, Secretary General, GVF


Service Provider Panel: IoT, 5G & ROI
The IoT proliferation is already creating a revolutionary impact on human culture and business. The internet of everything is also reshaping the telecommunications industry and how the network service providers will evolve, in developing new capabilities to create to manage the future IoT ecosystem. In this panel, hear from service provider leaders explore approaches in cellular technologies, device/application management platforms, and vertical specific end-to-end solutions.

Marc Olivier, VP South Asia Pacific, Sigfox
Tim Last, Vice President & GM, M2M Line of Business, Iridium
Sean Faulkner, VP, OEM & Channel Sales – Asia Pacific, OrbComm
Jassem Nasser, Chief Strategy Officer, Thuraya Telecommunications Company
Steven Rutgers, Director of Business Development, Asia – Strategic M2M, Inmarsat

Moderator: Jose Del Rosario, Research Director, NSR

5.00pm Chairman Wrap-up and Closing Remarks
End of Conference Day 1
BROADCASTMEDIA (Commercial and Technology Tracks)
DAY 1, TUESDAY, 26 JUNE 2018
Location: Level 3, Suntec Singapore
1.30pm Chairman’s Welcome Address

Mediacorp’s Digital Transformation – the Journey, the Lessons and the Future
What does it take for a broadcaster to stay relevant in the digital age? How does it combine its inherent strengths with new technology capabilities? What are the lessons of this transformation for other businesses in the media and non-media space?

Parminder Singh, Chief Commercial and Digital Officer, Mediacorp


BBC Case Study
Rise of Content Marketing and building a 1-1 relationship with the customer.

Shad Hashmi, Vice President, Digital Development – Global Markets & Operations (Asia), BBC


The Future of Television: Strategies for Growth
Broadcasting and media industry is transforming and evolving by leaps and bounds with digital disruption, emergence of new technologies and change of consumer behaviours. How are the industry giants responding to these various changes? In this session, thought leaders will discuss and share how their business model remain relevant yet agile to the rapid change. What disruptive trend will have the greatest impact over the next 10 years?

Anil Nihalani, Head of Connected Media, Mediacorp
Shabir Momin, Managing Director & Chief Technology Officer, ZengaTV
Shad Hashmi, Vice President, Digital Development Global Markets & Operations, Asia

Moderator: JP O’Sullivan, Research Analyst, Kagan – S&P Global Market Intelligence

3.00pm Afternoon Coffee Break

Market Outlook on the Broadcasting and Media Industry

Sponsored by

The way we consume news and entertainment has changed drastically over the past decade, creating both challenges and opportunities for broadcasters and media companies. Where do you see opportunities for growth in the coming years? What should businesses be mindful of and which markets or trends do you see emerging in the sector?

JP O’Sullivan, Research Analyst, Kagan – S&P Global Market Intelligence


Reigning Championship in the Media Industry: ONE Championship’s Winning Success
A diverse and dynamic approach to expanding the brand comes through the passion to propagate its true purpose of building Asian martial arts heroes and warriors on the global stage. Unique perspective and insight into sports promotions and martial arts. Concept of inculcating martial arts into business acumen and lifestyle. Growth and re-invigoration or modernisation of martial arts in Asia as gateway to new business ventures and partnerships.

Hua Fung Teh, Chief Financial Officer, ONE Championship


How Zenga TV along with its group companies are changing the way marketing and sales are done for brands using AI and prediction
A look into the media and technological changes in South Asia and how a unique self-serve, multi-platform distribution and monetization video ecosystem with over few thousands if content owners, creators and brand advertisers grow.

Shabir Momin, Managing Director & Chief Technology Officer, ZengaTV

5.00pm Chairman Wrap-up and Closing Remarks
End of Conference Day 1
Day 2, 27 June 2018
(NetworkComms, EmergingTech Tracks)
Location: Level 4, Marina Bay Sands
8.00am Registration and Morning Coffee
8.50am Organiser’s Welcome Note
8.55am Chairman’s Welcome Address
Andy Haire, Founder and Chairman, AJH Communications

Opening Address: The New Era of Cyber-Threats: Self-Learning Defence and Autonomous Response

  • The new age of silent, stealthy attacks that lie low in networks for weeks and months
  • Why legacy approaches, like rules and signatures, are proving inadequate on their own
  • How new ‘immune system’ technologies based on advanced mathematics and machine learning are being deployed today
  • Real-world examples of subtle, unknown threats that routinely bypass traditional controls

Sanjay Aurora, Managing Director – Asia Pacific, Darktrace


Keynote Presentation: Celcom on Digital Servicing Using Artificial Intelligence
Celcom puts great emphasis on delivering a superior digital experience across all its products and services by moving at the innovation front in digital servicing leading to millions of savings through reduced calls to the contact centre, improvements in customer satisfaction and leadership in social engagement among the telco competitors in Malaysia. During 2018, Celcom will extend the use of artificial intelligence further across a broad pipeline of digital initiatives to automate processes, deepen insights and create automated interactions.

René Werner, Chief Customer Service and Customer Experience Officer, Celcom Axiata Berhad


The Stakeholder’s Agenda – Where Should We Travel To?
Description: Panelists, representing the market’s stakeholders, will discuss:

  • What are the immediate industry challenges for each stakeholder, and how can they be addressed? Where should focus be placed?
  • Some argue that industry policy is no longer fit-for-purpose; why has it fallen so far behind marketplace changes? Will it ever catch up?
  • Where cooperative efforts between various stakeholders should be placed? In a converged industry, where are the cross-sectoral hurdles?

Aileen Chia, Assistant Chief Executive, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)
Leah Camilla R. Besa-Jimenez, Chief Data Privacy Officer, PLDT
Tim Goodchild, SVP – Government & Strategic Affairs, Starhub

Moderator: Andy Haire, Founder and Chairman, AJH Communications

10.30am Morning Break and Refreshment
Location: Level 4, Marina Bay Sands
11.00am Chairman’s Welcome Address
Malikkhan Kotadia, Head- International Relations- Singapore Blockchain Industry Association
Blockchain Stage: Enterprise Opportunities and Industrial Applications

Blockchain challenges: 10 Key Challenges Impeding Adoption of Blockchain, and Emerging Solutions
Blockchain is still a black box for many; therefore a holistic and coordinated effort is necessary.
Despite its promising potential opportunities and benefits, blockchain technology is not a universal solution on how we should be conducting business. In this session, find out if your business can embrace it, what kind of experiment is necessary, and its long term implications for your business’ growth.

Frankie Tam, Vice President, Hong Kong Internet Finance Association

Moderator: Malikkhan Kotadia, Head- International Relations- Singapore Blockchain Industry Association


Panel Discussion: The Tokenized Economy – How to Separate Hype from Facts?

Moderator: Malikkhan Kotadia, Head – International Relations- Singapore Blockchain Industry Association

12.20pm Networking Lunch and Exhibition Viewing

Panel Discussion: Opportunities and Threats of Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology is now fast gaining ground in the enterprise front. What are the setbacks and potential opportunities of this technology? What about data governance and transparency? How do we manage disruption and resistance as businesses evolve around this application? Hear from incumbents and industry players debate on the future direction blockchain for the future.

Jason Inch, Co-Founder, Genaro Network
Dr. Cédric Jeannot, Founder and CEO, APrivacy
Steve Tan, Partner Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP
Jared Ragland, Senior Director, Policy – APAC, BSA -The Software Alliance

Moderator: Ian Miles, Managing Partner, CLWB

Data Science and Data Lakes

Making Cents Out Of Bytes – The Analytics and Intelligence Recipe
Data science is a new trans-disciplinary field that aims to translate data into insight and intelligence for decision making. So the question to all business executives is what is your biggest BI challenge? Learn from this session on how you can monetise your data by:

  1. Looking internally and beyond the business and decide which data to use
  2. Secure the right capabilities to handle analytics
  3. Generating Value from Analytics

Samira Emmerson, Director of Data Science and Analytics, The Center of Applied Data Science (CADS)


The Future of Big Data: Leveraging on Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
Gone are the days where we look at descriptive analysis (past data). The rise of predictive and prescriptive analytics platforms from machine learning and artificial intelligence is changing the business equation. This session will harness the beauty of prescriptive analytics, how it foresees the effect decisions taken, to suggestions /adjustments on the decisions made; and finally enhancing the bottom line of course from this process.

Roberto Ramirez Pinson, Retail Risk Regulatory Reporting Global Lead and Data Strategy Expert, Citi

3.00pm Afternoon Coffee Break
Smart Cities and Connected Industries

Paving the Way for Smart Cities: The Smart Sensor Platform Network
The Internet of Things (IoT) technology has heralded a new wave of digitisation for Smart Cities with a world of smart connected sensors. As cities all over the world move towards the progressive adoption of LED outdoor lights to reduce energy cost, there is a wider potential for such smart lighting infrastructure to be used as a smart sensor network platform, integrating with different data collection sensors and devices, to host a wide range of applications in the areas of environmental monitoring, traffic management and parking, Public Safety monitoring, digital signage, and provision of public WIFI hotspots etc.

Ravinder Singh, President, ST Electronics | President, Defence Business, ST Engineering


Smart Cities Panel: Getting There – Building Intelligent Ecosystems and Digitalising Cities



Keys Challenges of Operating IoT Networks : Smart Metering Case Study
Smart meters, in particular water meters are one of IOT devices the most deployed worldwide. Through this presentation, you will hear about the experience and challenges of deploying and operating such technology. Among others, the challenge of finding the right balance between : battery life of the sensors, data rate, bandwidth, product readiness, sustainability of the technology, licences of the chip and frequencies, network ownership, radio coverage and performance, data quality and availability, all for a competitive cost, in particular for networks to be maintained most often for 10 to 20 years.

Jean de Montal, Operations Director, SUEZ


From China to Canada: Case Studies of Citizen-led Smart City Shaping
Smart city technology applications strive to make cities better for citizens, yet they remain essentially supply driven – despite the growing personal-potential of the technology. Can we resolve general citizen disengagement in city activities by unleashing this potential so people take control of the technology designed to serve them? Case studies from China, Canada and elsewhere will reveal how our future cities can be transformed with citizen created innovations that smart governments and businesses can build on.

Joint Presenters:
Mark Thomas, Managing Director, Serviceworks Group
Andy Zheng, Managing Director, Aspiring Citizens Cleantech

5.20pm Chairman Wrap-up and Closing Remarks
End of Conference Day 2
Location: Level B2, Marina Bay Sands
11.00am Chairman’s Welcome Address
Manesh Pratap Singh, Managing Director, BYG Advantage
New Business Models and Monetisation

Disrupting a Trillion Industry through Digitized Personalization

  • What does personalization in a telco look like
  • Why personlization is the only way forward for your business
  • Digitization = Automation
  • Results: How digitization has created best in class experiences for Circles.Life customers

Abhishek Gupta, Co-Founder & Director, Circles.Life


Panel Discussion: Growing the Digital Business Pie
CSPs are faced with network consolidation in the times of “mass digital clutter”. Carriers are gravely challenged to stay afloat and remain relevant due to the heavy capex outlay amidst high churn rates. What’s the differentiation strategy to play? How are operators growing their digital business from its legacy models? Why you should take position now and help clients see what’s coming next?

Rene Werner, Chief Customer Service & Customer Experience Officer, Celcom Axiata Berhad
Glenn Mohammed, CEO, Zero Mobile
Kairat Akhmetov, CTO, Nommi
Andrew Chen, Senior Enterprise Solution Manager, Taiwan Mobile
Mahesh Subramanian, CTO, ONE Championship

12.30pm Networking Lunch and Exhibition Viewing

Is It Time to Regulate or Outlaw Zero Rating Practices?
The telco is poised to transform into a hugely compressed infrastructure with the integration of new services to form the IoT. Its main challenges are vast but will need some serous muscle – i.e. to develop a converged platform that is sufficiently functional to support the full weight of the edge. This session will share new business monetisation opportunities from adjacent verticals, and strategic positioning to handle sophisticated networking applications.

Glenn Mohammed, CEO, Zero Mobile | Zero Technologies


LTE WAN Services for Enterprises: Extending the WAN beyond the Traditional Office
In this session, get your questions answered on these questions:

  • What are the new commercial opportunities presented by LTE WAN access?
  • How to overcome infrastructure and resources issues when deploying LTE access?
  • How do you create a service value proposition for connecting people, places and things?

Ivan Landen, Chief Wireless Officer, BlueWireless


Fireside Chat: How Can Telcos become the Digital Convergence Point?
In smartphone-dominant emerging markets, consumers go online through telco channels but the digital mindshare is elsewhere. Telcos have the tools to change this, by making digital merchants dependent on them for mindshare and revenue. This session will share what the main technical and legal challenges are for telcos in partnering up with merchants from these new segments and how to overcome them. As a result, telcos will gain a better understanding on how to leverage technologies they currently use to sell their own services and expand with them into new segments to expand customer revenue and loyalty.

Sudheer Chawla, Head of Digital and VAS, Tri Networks (a Hutchison Group company)
Michael Fleshman, CTO, HOOQ
Senior Representative, Globe Telecom

Moderator: Martin Koppel, CEO & Co-Founder, Fortumo

3.20pm Afternoon Coffee Break
Network Architecture Agility

How DevOps is Shaping Enterprises and Evolving the Digital Landscape
Many organisations today are looking to adopt DevOps for a more reliable, agile delivery of IT to meet their business goals. Heavily disrupted industries such as financial services, utilities and government agencies are embracing DevOps, which is critical to their success in the digital economy. However, the implementation of DevOps is beyond just buying the right tools. The challenges today include the enterprise’s IT culture, legacy infrastructure and skillsets of the IT team.

Joint Presenters:
Lionel Lim, VP & GM of APJ, Pivotal
Charlie Dai, Principal Analyst, Forrester


Nurturing OSS/BSS of the Future
Traditional telecom operators are facing a dramatic change as the world undergoes digtalisation. It is inevitable that the OSS core system needs an overhaul when telcos move into the cloud. This session will dissect the OSS/BSS systems legacy complexity, reengineering of configurable services and ultimately simplifying them to meet the new demands of customer experience.

4.40pm Chairman Wrap-up and Closing Remarks
End of Conference Day 2
(Commercial and Technology Tracks)
Location: Level 3, Suntec Singapore
8.00am Registration and Morning Coffee
9.00am Organiser’s Welcome Note
9.05am Chairman’s Welcome Address
9.15am Keynote Address: Fox Case Study
Ashwin Sridhar, Senior Vice President – Head of Digital, Fox Networks Asia

Women In Broadcast: Break into the Media-tech Industry and Climb the Glass Ladder
This panel explores how we can promote gender diversity in the broadcast and media industry. Statistics have shown that a diverse workforce is smarter, more innovative and more likely to be profitable. As a company, can you play a part by encouraging young females to join the industry, making the workplace friendly for mothers and ensuring equal opportunities? As for individuals who are in the broadcast industry today, how can you contribute and be a role model in promoting gender diversity and increasing female leadership in your organisation?

Bea Alonso, Business Development Director, Media Logistics, Asia Pacific and Japan, Ooyala
Lin Shu Fen, Co-founder, Gluu Life and former Vice President, Entertainment & SmartLife, Starhub
Li Anne, Business Analyst, Turner Broadcasting System

Moderator: Sadie Groom, Managing Director, Bubble Communications and Board Member, Women in Film and Television UK

10.30am Morning Coffee Break
Location: Level 3, Suntec Singapore
11.00am Chairman’s Welcome Address
11.00am Broadcaster

How The Migration from Pay TV to OTT is Changing the Landscape of Advertising
Addressable (aka Targeted) advertising is key to the growth of television, and particularly OTT provision. When inserted correctly, and targeted efficiently, ads with OTT streams can even prove more effective than those with linear television. Connecting brands with the right viewers, at the right time, in the right context is now expected by companies buying advertising spots. But central to this ability is metadata, to define not only what audio/video is playing right now, but defining what will be playing soon. Advanced notice is necessary to select relevant ads, and frame-accurate timing metadata is required to insert those ads into television programs at precisely the right time.

Roger Franklin, CEO, Crystal


The Price War in the OTT battlefield
With many available OTT players in the market, how do they determine the price point for their target audiences and what is the differentiating model? Content discovery?

12.30pm Networking Lunch and Exhibition Viewing

The Rise of the Social Media Platform
More time spent on social media may equate to lesser time spent on television. This session sheds light on how the social media players are stepping up their game in garnering strong engagement with younger audiences, and grab attention (and ad dollars) from other digital platforms and entertainment options.

Geoffrey Pickens, Client Partner and Lead for Telco, Tech and Entertainment, Facebook

2.00pm The Rise of the Social Media Platform
More time spent on social media may equate to lesser time spent on television. This session sheds light on how the social media players are stepping up their game to increase audience engagement

A Partnership Example Between Social Media Platform and Traditional Broadcaster
Social media platforms are a perfect gateway or tool to reach the younger audiences that broadcasters crave. We see an example of how a broadcaster partner and leverage on the strength of social media for content promotion with the aim of driving viewers back to linear television.

3.00pm Afternoon Coffee Break
3.30pm eSports: The new broadcast game?
4.00pm NHK case study: Summer Olympics 2020
4.30pm Live Broadcasting via Social Media
Social media platforms have developed the function that allows users to broadcast live videos and increase interactivity amongst users, over the years. How broadcasters see this as an opportunity? And what content should be pushed out?
5.00pm Chairman Wrap-up and Closing Remarks
End of Conference Day 2
Location: Level 3, Suntec Singapore
11.00am Chairman’s Welcome Address
Stan Moote, Chief Technology Officer, IABM

The Reality behind Technology Trend in Broadcasting and Media Industry
TV industry has been transformed by the emergence of digital technologies and the internet. TV and video delivery platforms technologies are becoming increasingly complex. What is the market trend and what is the road map for the technology changes in broadcast and media arena?

Stan Moote, Chief Technology Officer, IABM


Navigating the Promise and Reality of IP
IP offers the promise of agile scaling, increased equipment utilization, flexibility, and is format agnostic. But IP also introduces complexity with interoperability and skillset challenges, not to mention to the threat of vendor lock-in. Delegates will gain an understanding of the technology and business drivers behind IP including support for evolving media business models and increased operational efficiencies. Key standards bodies and standards facilitating the transition to IP will also be highlighted. This session will discuss practical lessons from Ross Video customers regarding the choice and deployment of both greenfield IP installations like NEP Australia and hybrid IP/SDI infrastructure environments.

Jeff Moore, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Ross Video


IP Potential in Transforming Broadcaster Operation and Workflow
This session discusses the potential of IP networking to transform broadcasters operations and workflows, including a brand new end to end I.P infrastructure for the BBC in a contract worth over £100 Million which now underpins their digital and internet first broadcaster strategy. Also a brand new IP based sports outside broadcast network which allows dozens of simultaneous visions and uncompressed workflows.

Mark Wilson-Dunn, Vice President, BT Media & Broadcast Enterprises

12.30pm Networking Lunch and Exhibition Viewing

Switzerland Case Study: IP Broadcast Facility
What are the motivating factors to move towards an IP-based infrastructure and methodology for planning and designing IP projects? Using IP for broadcast infrastructure is an innovative technology and therefore traditional project planning and execution approaches are not suitable any more. How to design innovate systems with a structured but agile approach, with clear technology and budget management? This session will also cover the key experiences from the design of IP facilities – from a technology perspective (i.e. broadcast and network controller, performance and scaling considerations, audio integration) but also the aspects beyond technology such as organisational change or skill requirements to operate the technology.

C-level, Qvest


Planning and Designing the IP Broadcast Facility
Transitioning to IP is a fantastic opportunity to reduce infrastructure costs and increase agility, yet it also brings a huge challenge for the whole TV production and delivery value chain. This presentation will focus on the target architecture defined by StarHub and explain the steps taken to plan and execute the TV systems migration. The session will also reveal the key challenges faced by StarHub and describe some of the innovative approaches taken by NAGRA to deliver this ambitious and forward-looking project.

Joint presentation:
Chrystophe Clement, Senior Director, Business Development and TV SI Practice Leader
C-level, StarHub


Panel Discussion: SDI to IP, When Is The Time Right for You?
IP is upon us and the industry has accepted the fact that we will all be “IP” one day. But the real question for the terrestrial broadcasters is, when? Would having a hybrid model or COTS be a better and more cost effective move? Or is it now is the time to go IP all the way?

Fintan Mc Kiernan, Chief Executive Officer, Ideal Systems SEA
Goh Kim Soon, Head of Broadcast Engineering, Mediacorp
Michel Proulx, Media Consultant, Former Chief Technology Officer, Miranda Technologies

3.10pm Afternoon Coffee Break

Welcome to the Era of Targeted TV
This session to get a glimpse of how service providers can launch a targeted TV strategy by leveraging the powerful combination of AI, BI and UI. Learn how TV providers can segment users and offer them a hyper-personalized viewing experience.

Dr. Shay David, President and General Manager, Media and Telecom, Kaltura


Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Power Next-Gen Content Creation and Monetisation
AI offers media and entertainment organisations a powerful solution for maximizing the value of their rapidly expanding content libraries. This session will explain how the integration of AI cloud technology with on-premise storage is empowering media organisations to leverage cognitive analytics in processing large volumes of video and audio content and in generating much more robust metadata.

Jim Simon, Senior Director, Marketing, Asia-Pacific/Japan, Quantum


Next-Generation Broadcasting (Future Networks and Distribution)
Consumers are going to consume media everywhere, on every screen and with social networks also on multiple screens at the same time. This session will present the vision of a fully virtualised media production in the cloud by using the example of a large event such as a concert, elections or a sport event. In next-generation broadcasting, the only team that needs to move on-site are the camera teams with their cameras, lights and microphones. On the distribution side, such a scalable, targeted and automated platform would allow for highly integrated OTT platforms by providing customized audio-visual data as well as describing metadata. This forms the base for audience services in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, gamification and other services around such events, increasing the audience engagement on all devices and platforms. In the same time, new and additional content platforms can be served e.g. for consumption of highly individualized and personal relevant content in e.g. autonomous cars. Beyond the vision, we will present the current state of technology and current experiences implementing significant steps toward this vision.

Konstantin Knauf, Managing Director, Qvest

5.00pm Chairman Wrap-up and Closing Remarks
End of Conference Day 2
Day 3, 28 June 2018
DAY 3, THURSDAY , 28 JUNE 2018
Location: Level 4, Marina Bay Sands
9.00am Chairman’s Welcome Address
Andy Haire, Founder and Chairman, AJH Communications
Artificial Intelligence – The Amalgamation of Mind and Machine

Applying Machine Learning & AI : A Go-Jek Case Study
Deep learning has fueled significant progress in the evolution of AI. But, it is not without its flaws, but comes with complex difficulties and hurdles. In this session we will bring you the challenges of deep learning, and how artificial intelligence can further improve machine learning performance for industrial transformation.

Ajey Gore, Group CTO, Go-Jek

9.40am Reserved for Datarobot

Panel Discussion: Man vs Machine – Who is the Biased One?
Studies have shown that computers can be biased as well, simply because they learn from us. With bot learning ability, AI can very quickly evolve into negativity if not designed correctly. This discussion will dwell upon the types of data used to train the AI, where’s it being sourced from and is it ‘full spectrum’ data? Are there concerted efforts to practice core principles (inclusion, diversity, accountability, equality and creativity) when designing an AI?

Jack Ow, IP & Technology Partner, RHTLaw Taylor Wessing LLP
Cat Williams-Treloar, CEO, Humanisation
Sharala Axryd, CEO, ASEAN Data Analytics Exchange (ADAX)
Howard Michel, CTO, UBTech
Senior Executive, April Group

Moderator: CK Vishwakarma, Founder & CEO, All Things Connected

10.50pm Morning Coffee and Refreshments

Predictive Analytics in the field of HR: Beyond Machine Learning, using Text Analytics linked AI Platform
Job evaluation (JE) is the backbone of the entire rewards price. Any C&B professional worth his or her salt would know that JE is not entirely fool proof rather apart from the + and -. At every matrix juncture in a JE toolkit one is also provided with the infamous sore thumbing to allow for a high degree of subjectivity. With AI in rewards the subjectivity is resolved with each job being valued as per the structure JD and its relative importance in the organization with no person-job biasness

Rohit Manucha, Head Compensation & Benefits & HR Business Partner, Aujan Coca Cola Beverages Company


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at Marketing at Uber
Uber is part of the logistical fabric of more than 700 cities around the world. We use AI in creative ways to:

  • Improve the signal on A|B experiments and have better reads and insights
  • Advanced segmentation of customers by propensity to act, churn, engage
  • Models of resurrection and reactivation
  • Natural Language to provide insights on content and cross-selling opportunities

This talk will discuss how predictive models are used across these areas:

  • How to think and interpret predictive models
  • How CRM uses these models to improve the customer experience
  • Case studies in cross sell and communication engagement, re activation and churn

Mario A. Vinasco, Manager, Data Science & Marketing Analytics, Uber Technologies

Immersive Realities: AR, VR and MR

Using AR, MR and VR in the Connected Space – Leveraging on New Technologies in the Manufacturing Industry
The immersive technology market is advancing immensely, providing us a whole new creative medium emphasising on a personalised and emphatic experience. The real deal of monetising from the application of immersive realities boils down to how to best enterprises deploy AR/VR to drive meaningful experiences and deliver new interactions and processes.

Lutz Beck, Chief Information Officer, Daimler Trucks Asia

12.40pm Networking Lunch and Exhibition Viewing

Championing Immersive Education: Integrating Innovation into the Future of Learning

  • VR current status and industry landscape – What is the next growth phase of this industry
  • VR Big Data, why is that important?
  • Showcase and references of use cases

Craig Vezina, Co-Founder, Realcast | Executive Director, ZSchool

Start-ups, Fintech, and Seamless Payments

Innovation Spotlight 1 – Digital Payments Trends and Remittance Data

Pratik Gandhi, Chief Business Officer, InstaReM


How will Mobile Money Contribute to Your Business and Society

Jade Mei, Director of Southern Pacific Software Marketing & Sales, Huawei


Wrap-Up Panel: The Roadmap of Future Digital Payments – Driving Maximum Value Beyond Digital Inclusion

Pratik Gandhi, Chief Business Officer, InstaReM
Jade Mei, Director of Southern Pacific Software Marketing & Sales, Huawei
Geert Warlop, Chief Operating Officer, TrueMoney International

3.30pm Chairman Wrap-up and Closing Remarks
Afternoon Coffee Break
4.00pm End of Conference Day 3
Location: Level 3, Suntec Singapore
9.00am Chairman’s Welcome Address

Understanding Big Data to increase OTT profitability
As broadcasting mediums continue to evolve, big data applications and technology are becoming an important factor in broadcasting. This session will look into how big data and analytics have big impact on the broadcasting industry and how the tools could be used to increase customer satisfaction, personalise contents, reducing churn and enabling broadcasters to effectively monetise their services and content.

9.30am Harnessing Viewer’s Data To Minimise Churn and Grow Content
To gain insights on the viewership patterns and turn them into market segments that can be targeted with ads to drive revenues. How do you find customers at high risk for churn? How do you apply viewership forecasts to gain additional insights for programming negotiations?
10.00am Customer Acquisition: TBA
10.30am Morning Coffee Break

Rise of the “Managed” OTT STB: Battle for home entertainment intensifies
While Mobile devices have become prominent video streaming devices among users globally, the big screen has not lost its appeal. At the same time, growing popularity of ISD (Illicit Streaming Devices) highlight the need to address the menace of piracy and also point to massive demand for such streaming devices among users. With increasing sales of retail OTT STBs such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku etc., Pay-TV and Telecom Operators are taking notice and looking at offering these STBs platforms to the users in their markets bringing the innovation of OTT and maintaining control and flexibility at the same time.

Invited: Roku, Google

Moderator: Sushant Sharma, Head of Consulting Services, APAC

11.40am Generating new revenue streams from Set-top Boxes
Leveraging contextual and return path data to create greater value and ultimately drive revenue. Enhancing insights over customer life stages; viewers’ habits and purchasing behaviours.

Google Android TV: New ecosystem
How can an Android TV provide opportunities – and threats – for your business? Is Android Open Source Project (AOSP) a better choice? Together we can dive into the strategic and the practical implications of each and their technological roadmaps.

Invited: Google

12.40pm Networking Lunch and Exhibition Viewing
2.00pm Creating The New Broadcast Content Economy on the Blockchain
Ben Flint, Chief Operating Officer, Vuulr

New OTT Platform based on Blockchain Technology
Widely deployed current OTT TV service platform is primarily focusing on the service operator side. Therefore, content providers(CP)’ specific requirements cannot be reflected easily increasing dependency on media service providers.
Alticast’s blockchain based OTT platform ensures complete CP-friendly system infrastructure reducing both technical and business dependency on a particular area while maximizing monetization for all parties.

  1. How can CPs benefit from this Alticast’s new OTT system?
  2. Transparency in content distribution chain
  3. Providing insights in content consumption patterns from users
  4. Acquiring detailed information in local infrastructure (service operator and network environment)
  5. Effective content bundling and flexible marketing policy support
  6. Anti-piracy and hacking prevention

Joonhee Oh, Chief Technology Officer, Alticast Corp.

3.00pm Afternoon Coffee Break
3.30pm Chairman Wrap-up and Closing Remarks
End of Conference Day 3
Location: Level 3, Suntec Singapore
9.00am Chairman’s Welcome Address
9.00am Commercial Broadcasting 4K UHD: 4K Video Delivery and Broadband Readiness
9.30am The Challenges of UHD and Multi-Screen Delivery of UHD Quality Videos

Traversing the brave new world of UHD and HDR – Considerations and Challenges for Content Creators and Distributors

  • Brief historical explanation of the many variants and flavours of UHD and HDR: Video technology, Colour Management, Colour Metadata, HDR systems
  • Market data on worldwide adoption of HDR and UHD, as well as projected future implementation.
  • Workflow considerations for implementing HDR and UHD, from acquisition, storage, editing, playout, encoding and multiplexing, mastering and distribution. This would also include the considerations for multiple HDR-SDR versioning and outputs for archival and consumption
  • Relevant comparisons between HD SDR and UHD HDR workflows and technology
  • Customer-centric considerations and potential obstacles that would need to be addressed

Yew-Jin Cheong, Director, Broadcast & Media, Asia Pacific, Rohde & Schwarz

10.30am Morning Coffee Break

Fielding AI Solutions in the Media Supply Chain
This session will cover a thorough overview of the technology landscape and state of research in the field of AI, Machine Learning, neuronal networks and cloud computing; the architecture and data model required to apply these new technologies to the production and management of professional media; the expected value for media operations and media business; a selection of first implementations & tests by leading broadcasters and media organizations; some risks and best practices to take into account when planning to use AI for media

Michael Elhadad, PhD. And Researcher, Dalet


Voice search is going to be the new normal – find out why viewers are talking about content
From powering the latest conversational voice and predictive recommendations systems to helping advertisers find their customers and programmers/content owners find their lapsed viewers, data is the underlying fuel for this revolution in viewing. Delve into the real data behind the introduction of advanced machine learning and AI in the media sector.

Charles Dawes, International Marketing Senior Director, TiVo


Social Media Analysis using Deep Learning Technology
Social media is an important news source for reporters. Eye-witnesses can take photos and videos of what they observe and post them online. The posted content is important primary information that is sought after by reporters. Posts on social media are often written in colloquial style and include a lot of slang, abbreviations, and emoji. These aspects make searching by traditional query-based retrieval difficult. NHK has been developing an important information extraction system to automatically parse social media. Our system analyses the text of social media in real time using deep learning technology. The system classifies information into news categories.

Taro Miyazaki, Researcher, Science and Technology Research Laboratories, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)


Successful Implementation of AI in Broadcast Industry
Many industries are jumping onto the bandwagon of digital disruption by harnessing the capabilities of AI, to innovate and improve their business model. In this session, thought leaders across broadcasting and media spectrum will discuss and share insights on the implementation of AI where it makes sense and how in return, increase ROI.

1.00pm Networking Lunch and Exhibition Viewing

What are the roadblocks and bright spots for Immersive Videos?
In this session, we will discuss the industry landscape and challenges for immersive videos like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 360-degree video, and where the biggest opportunities are. We will also present case studies of how service providers can leverage these technologies to offer compelling and engaging experiences for their customers, and monetize them.

Bea Alonso, Business Development Director, Media Logistics, Asia Pacific and Japan, Ooyala


Creating Viewers’ Experience Through Immersive Technologies

Fabrice Lorenceau, Co-Founder, Head of Production, LIVELIKE

3.30pm Afternoon Coffee Break
4.00pm Chairman Wrap-up and Closing Remarks
End of Conference Day 3
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